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WishGarden Herbs :: FAQ
Herbal FAQs
Common Questions About Herbs, Our Products, and Their Use

What formulas can I take while breastfeeding?
WishGarden's Pregnancy formulas are the products of choice while nursing. The Pregnancy and Lactation products can be taken while pregnant, but we suggest you consult with a practitioner before taking any other formulas.

Is it okay to take multiple formulas while breastfeeding?
It is okay to take more than one of the pregnancy and lactation formulas at the same time while breastfeeding.

Are there any formulas I should not take while breastfeeding?
We recommend that you stick to the pregnancy and lactation formulas while nursing, and use the adult line formulas under the guidance of a natural therapies practitioner.

Can I mix two or more formulas, or take them together?
Many people enjoy mixing combinations; however, those with a complicated medical history or on prescription drugs should consult their natural therapies practitioner. Also, see our "Complementary Herbal Formulas" section at the bottom of each product page on the WishGarden website for suggestions.

Are there any formulas that I should not mix?
We recommend that you avoid using the adult formulas while pregnant or breastfeeding unless advised to do so by your natural therapies practitioner.

Will I still get the same effect if I put the extract in another liquid (juice, tea, etc.)?
Yes, diluting the extract in common drinks can improve taste, and will not compromise the formula's effect. Just use the recommended amount, and repeat if necessary for gain full effect.

How long will it take for the formula to have an effect?
Many of our common symptom-soothing formulas are designed to take effect within 5-10 minutes if used properly. We recommend 3 droppers full, or 4-6 pumps, per use to start. If you are not yet feeling the full effect within the first 5 minutes, repeat the original serving. You can do this up to 4 servings back to back. Note that some of our formulas are tonics and are meant to work over longer periods of time.

Why is there alcohol in your formulas?
Alcohol is a sustainable and body-friendly extracting medium. It effectively releases the active constituents from coarse plant material. Alcohol also prevents the product from spoiling. Extracting herbs this way is an age-old technique that effectively carries the constituents into a liquid "plant soup" called a "tincture." WishGarden has developed a proprietary process over the years that uses alcohol to maximum benefit during the extracting phase, while minimizing it in the finished product.

Why does WishGarden use alcohol in children and pregnancy formulas?
Using a small amount of alcohol in the Pregnancy and Children's lines was a conscious decision. It enables us to keep the strength and efficaciousness of the formula intact but is also gentle and appropriate for women and children. Extracts made with only glycerine, or water limits the constituent profile. WishGarden's finished extract contains a minimal amount of alcohol, which, per serving, is at a very low dietary level. You can also reduce the alcohol content by stirring your droppers full, or pumps, into hot water or tea for a few minutes.

How do herbal extracts compare to tablets or capsules?
Most capsules either contain powdered, dry herbs, or a tiny bit of liquid extract (gel caps). Tablets are powdered herbs that are held together by pressure and other chemicals. The beauty of liquid extracts, or "tinctures," is that they absorb quickly and the body receives the full benefit of the plant in a very bio-available solution. Liquids also allow you to customize your serving freely so you can best meet you needs at the time. Liquids are inexpensive and easy to swallow. The droppers and pump top dispensers are also convenient for when you're on-the-go.

I'm on a gluten-free diet. Are there any formulas that I should avoid?
None of our formulas contain gluten. The pure Italian grain alcohol we use leaves all gluten behind when distilled, and comes with a gluten-free test certificate. The only other grain used in any of the formulas is Milky Oats, which is sustainably harvested and sorted in a botanical house. It is not processed with, or contaminated by, other grains.

I'm a recovering alcoholic. Is it safe for me to take your product? Is there any way to get rid of the alcohol?
We do not recommend alcohol extracts for those recovering from alcohol addiction. This is to prevent even the smallest amount of alcohol from re-triggering any vulnerable addictive pathways. In this case it is not the volume, or quantity, of alcohol present that is relevant, but rather the sensitivity of the individual. We recommend that water extracts such as teas and infusions, or powdered herb (non-alcohol extracted) capsules. The practice of evaporating off the alcohol in hot water or tea significantly lessens, but may not completely eliminate all of, the alcohol present.