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Catherine Hunziker, Chairwoman and Founder of WishGarden, explains why we make our formulas using liquid extracts (tinctures), rather than pills or capsules.
Posted on: November 10th, 2014
If seasonal changes wreak havoc on your skin--reach for some yogurt. But whatever you do, don't eat it all. Turn it into a treatment for your skin. That's what leading skin care brands are doing. Some are creating entire product lines based on the benefits of probiotics. And this is no passing trend. These [...] more..
Jessica Bejot
Birth ROCKS! just received their very special order. We can't say thank you enough for being such a real and generous community member. We love selling your AWESOME products. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3 Jessica and Niki
Leahs All Natural Cooking with Wildtree
Wow, never knew you were out of Boulder, very cool! Bought your "Kick Ass" last year and trying today the "get over it". Thank you for your amazing products! Keep it up!
Marissa Dixon Aste
Suggesting a "Frequent Droppers" card for frequent droppers, like me! Of course "droppers" being tongue-in-cheek and having two very different meanings; one being a person who uses your tinctures often and the other being a person who uses your tinctures but has slippery fingers. We, unfortunately, are both; bottles are often emptied but sometimes it's on the floor... :D
Aisha Hicks Smiley
I recently bought milk rich to help boost my milk supply...why does this product have alcohol in it and what are the possible effects?
Wishgarden Herbs in our opinion, is one of the best whom we trust for herbs. Thank you!! Our fertility clients, we refer most of them to you!