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      Become a WishGarden BRAND AMBASSADOR!
      Has WishGarden helped make your life healthier, happier and more fulfilling? Would you like to spread the word about the many benefits of our family of products -- and get a lot of cool swag in the process?
      If your answer to both questions is a resounding YES, then you may have what it takes to be a WishGarden Brand Ambassador.

      Who are we looking for?

      Charismatic individuals that love and believe in the WishGarden brand as much as we do! We want as many people as possible to enjoy the natural wellness solutions and remedies we’ve spent a lifetime perfecting. Your voice can help us do that. As a WishGarden Brand Ambassador, you will share your positive experiences with our products with family members, friends and colleagues.

      What's in it for you?

      The satisfaction of helping improve the quality of life of everyone in your network, plus these great PERKS:

      • 6-MONTH SUPPLY of WishGarden products with a retail value of $200
      • SAMPLES to hand out to family, friends and colleagues
      • RECOGNITION on WishGarden’s social media channels
      • INVITATION to a private WishGarden Brand Ambassador Facebook group

      Every 3 months, we will recognize our top Brand Ambassadors. Rewards include gift cards and prizes.

      What do we want from you?

      IT’S SIMPLE: You love Wishgarden products — we want you to spread that love. We ask for a commitment of at least 6 months from Brand Ambassadors. During that time, you can participate in a multitude of ways:

      Social Media

      We ask for 3 social media posts a month including blogs, videos and images. Post about your experiences using WishGarden products. We encourage you to engage your family, friends and colleagues. We want the true and authentic you. Let people know how WishGarden has made a positive impact on your life. Use all the social media channels at your disposal, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, You Tube and Vimeo. For sample postings, check out the attached gallery.


      Reach out to your network with products, discounts and special offers. We equip Brand Ambassadors with product samples, custom seed blend packets, coupons and brochures. In other words, you’ll be that friend with access to all the good stuff, including product discounts with specific redemption codes.


      Recommend potential Brand Ambassadors in your network. WishGarden is always on the lookout for people just like you — loyal champions of the brand who have a wide sphere of influence. We invite you to nominate family, friends and colleagues who share your passion for Wishgarden products.


      Identify sponsorship opportunities in your community to promote WishGarden. We want to tap into your knowledge of local groups and events. We ask you to identify at least 6 promotional ideas.

      How do I qualify?

      You must be 18 years of age or older, and believe in the efficacy of eco-medicinals. Other specific requirements are as follows:

      • Use one or more WishGarden products regularly (or will commit to using one or more WishGarden products regularly for a period of 6 months)

      • Be active on 1 or more social media channels that reach a collective audience of 750 or more followers

      • Commit to a minimum of 6 months as a WishGarden Brand Ambassador

      BRAND AMBASSADOR Application

      Contact info



      Daily 1-3 times a week 1-3 times a month Seldom


      I'm the go-to resource for friends and family
      I'm knowledgeable, but rely on my friends and internet research to help fill in gaps
      I don't know the science, but I believe in the efficacy of herbal products


      Facebook Vimeo Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Tumblr Pinterest YouTube Other
      Less than 500
      500 - 1,000
      1,000 - 2,500
      2,500 - 5,000
      5,000 - 10,000
      10,000 - 25,000



      Yes No