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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 32 reviews
      C.S. (Fond du Lac, WI, US)
      Worked great!

      This and the baby blues were wonderful postpartum.

      Carly Krahe (Waterford, PA, US)
      Exactly what I needed

      The placenta ease was the first thing I reached for the first night after my second baby was born! The uterine involution was Intense, but I got so much relief from my water with 4 droppers added! Such a good gift idea for postpartum mamas (especially with subsequent babies while nursing).

      Alyssa (Carthage, NC, US)

      After having my fourth child, I tried this in lieu of ibuprofen. It is effective, once the cramping began I took 2-3 dropperfuls into the back of my throat and the cramps dissipated quickly. The 2 oz bottle was just enough to get me through!

      Valerie K (Las Vegas, NV, US)
      Really works!

      The cramping started to get pretty bad. The hospital had me on Tylenol and Motrin which I was trying to not take. I took the Afterease and barely felt contractions after the second day postpartum. They say the second and subsequent births produce worse contractions but I hardly felt anything this time around! Two happy campers!

      K.M. (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
      Worked right away!

      My 3rd child and the cramping had definitely gotten worse with each kid. I would put this under my tongue when I felt the cramping coming on and almost immediately the cramping would stop. It was amazing!!

      Abigail Bouffard (Lebanon, PA, US)
      More Effective Than Ibuprofen

      I know, I know, I’m not supposed to make claims like that, but this stuff WORKS! I found ibuprofen to be ineffective after my birth but this stuff did the trick! I hereby join my midwife and a long line of other women who vow “I will not have another pregnancy without this tincture!” It has become a staple baby shower gift!

      Jessica Nicholas (Marquette, MI, US)

      As long as I took the afterease right before nursing at the hospital it helped with my cramping for sure I just had to be consistent with it every 4 hours or so. I didnt get to take it right after delivery as planned but I did 2 hours later.

      Amber Calderon (Meridianville, AL, US)
      Sadly didn’t work at all for me…

      I gave it two stars for fast shipping and I don’t blame the company at all- just not sure why it didn’t work for me sadly. Had my second babe just a few days ago (3/29/22) and this didn’t even touch my after birth contractions. I was given pitocin during my labor at a 2 (lowest dose possible) so I’m not sure if that could of had an impact or what since pitocin contractions are worse (so I hear and now believe..) but this didn’t do a single thing for me. I tried before BF, during, after and even multiple droppers full in my water/juice throughout the day while not cramping. Nothing worked and they have been TERRIBLE. So sad. I wish I could of gotten that relief that everyone talks about…

      Greetings Amber~ We are so sorry to hear about your postpartum troubles , but congratulations on your new bundle of joy!
      As you know, women's bodies are super unique and each person's case can differ to the next. After-ease can be helpful for many women, but once in a blue moon could not be un-satisfactory for a women's individual needs.
      Sometimes, looking at the serving stagey can be super helpful when taking liquid herbal formulas because half of it is the herbs used and the other half is how one takes the formula. Thank you for your honest response and we wish you and your baby well.

      Olivia Frye (Loudon, NH, US)
      Works great!

      This stuff worked wonders. I noticed a difference on times when I took it to when I didn't. I took it more often than suggested and I took 5 dropper fulls instead. But, this stuff definitely did help those contractions after my 4th baby, because boy, those are NOT fun.

      Will definitely be recommending this product.

      Cecelia (Denver, CO, US)
      Essential for the first few days

      I brought this to the hospital and started using it right away. I'd mix it with water as soon as I felt cramping when my son nursed. Within 10 minutes the cramping would subside! Amazing product and have recommended it to friends and family.

      After birth cramps, also known as postpartum uterine cramps, postpartum cramping, or after birth contractions, are the short-term pain women experience due to contractions that occur after childbirth. After birth cramps are typically caused by the uterus contracting and shrinking back down to its normal size. The uterus does not return to its pre-pregnancy size for about six weeks following childbirth. These uterine contractions can feel like menstrual cramps and can last anywhere from a few days up to six weeks after childbirth. The most common treatment for cramping after birth is an herbal tincture that contains the herb Crampbark. This can be taken every three hours during active periods of labor pains or at intervals as needed for lingering pain relief afterwards.