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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Zia Isola (Scotts Valley, CA, US)
      An Amazing Ally!

      I have been using this product since I found it in 2020. I has helped me through the most stressful period of my life, including the pandemic and the loss of two dear family members (who died during the pandemic but from unrelated causes). For a while, I was taking it daily, 2-3 times per day. It helped me stay grounded and calm without losing mental clarity. I still use it when I have nerves before a big meeting or presentation, or at night if I am feeling too wound-up at bedtime. It is soothing and somehow seems to set me on an even keel without the groggy side effect that something like valerian can produce. I have recommended Emotional Ally to many friends (and even some strangers), and have even sent bottles of it to friends. It is a true gift from the plant kingdom and the skilled herbalists at Wishgarden. Thank you!

      Becca Rich (Sturgeon Bay, WI, US)
      The best!

      This has been my favorite. It’s very supportive for times when you don’t feel intense stress but do need some emotional encouragement.

      Cynthia Epps (Santa Monica, CA, US)
      Excellent herbal remedy

      The mastery of ancient herbal wisdom is something to be appreciated anew. Products that actually support healing are much needed at this time. Thank you!

      Makes a Difference

      Makes a true difference and helps me sleep on those nights when my mind just won’t stop spinning. Grateful to have found this product!

      Ana (Brighton, CO, US)

      I tend to overthink at night and then cannot sleep. I was not sure on using this but with 4 drops in water it puta me to sleep. I start feeling relaxed and drifting into sleep. I don’t use it daily but on those stressful nights or after a long day at work.

      Yvonne Mounts (East Stroudsburg, PA, US)
      Perfect for a Grieving Heart

      My partner of 8 years passed away in October so my grief at times can be truly overwhelming. Emotional Ally has been a Godsend during this time. Thank you, Wish Garden.

      Lesley Nurse (La Mesa, CA, US)
      It works FAST!

      As soon as I felt anxious, heart beating hard and a little pressure, I took 3 dropperfuls in a small amount of water, and within minutes I felt calm, and I was able to drift off to sleep. This works better than Ativan!

      T.H. (Mérida, YUC, MX)
      Life Saving

      I took a chance on buying it a few months ago but didn’t use it because the Liquid Bliss and Cranial Comfort seemed to solve all my problems in life. But one (really rough) day I decided to try it and because it is so magic, I recommend to everyone. I have now gotten half my family (daughter in college, sister 5 states away, her daughters, etc.) hooked on this because it WORKS! And instantly!.. not weeks later. If you’re on the fence about purchasing, let this post be your sign to buy it.

      J.S. (Kailua-Kona, HI, US)
      Back to Grounding

      I have recently undergone big life changes including taking on a new business venture. There have been sleepless nights and anxiety recently and I’m really aware I need help with calming down. This is helping me stay grounded, and soothing extreme restlessness.

      Lydia (Albuquerque, NM, US)
      Anxiety and PMS help

      Used in conjunction with Deep Stress during anxiety attacks and works great on weepy days for all the females in the house.