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      WishGarden Herbs do not filter, curate, or moderate customer reviews in any manner. These reviews are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for medical advice. Reviews are written by actual customers and represent their own experiences and observations. These observations are not guaranteed and may not be typical for other customers. Your results may be different.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      AKap (Oakland, CA, US)
      I like this bitters, but one star removed ...

      I think bitters are the bomb, and overall the herb combo in this is great. The one critique I have, and why I removed a star, is that I don't think glycerine should be used in bitters unless you are making an alcohol free blend. It is in pretty much all the Wishgarden tinctures that I have tried, and in other things it is ok (although I would prefer without it), but the point of bitters is to be bitter, and the glycerine adds a sweetness that takes away from the bitterness.

      Lisa C (Winter Garden, FL, US)
      Good product

      Only recently tried this it seems to be helping. I hope to give a more better review then this one, later. I've been very happy with their products, so far. Not sure how I'll feel if prices raise. They've just started using a more sustainable glycerine, and hinted that prices may go up

      Suzanne Miller (Boulder, CO, US)

      Bitters help balance the body. All taste are important. Bitter herbs are essential!

      Lisa Graves (Indianapolis, IN, US)
      Fantastic bitters

      I really like how easy it is to use these bitters, as well as the taste. And they really do help with digestion. A fantastic product!

      K.L. (Eden Prairie, MN, US)
      These things are badass

      I use bitters a lot. No matter my digestive issue, bitters are my go to solution. My regular brand - the ones that helped heartburn, helped me when I felt too full or when I just didn’t feel right - were not available. Badass was recommended by my local coop. I was obsessed about my previous brand, heck, they worked. Badass are great. I won’t return to my regular brand. They taste good to me. They do the digestive job. I’m a satisfied customer.

      Robin (Citra, FL, US)

      I tried multiple brands of bitters to assist me with protein digestion and low stomach acid. All the other brands I tried irritated my mouth and tongue. This one does not and I've been using it for 1.5 years with no issues! Definitely helps improve my digestion - thank you!

      ken (Portland, OR, US)
      badass bitters

      wonderful product extremely potent as a before meal digestive. I also love the taste

      Lib (Dunedin, FL, US)
      Great bitters

      Easy on the palate and really helps wit digestion

      Returning customer
      Purchase again!

      Just a gentle but effectively stimulating formula, I’ll keep this in my supplies!

      Cora C. (Albany, NY, US)
      Works great!

      Work great and I'm glad for the effective natural alternative to digestive enzymes.

      Digestive bitters are herbal tinctures that stimulate digestive enzymes and improve gut health. These tinctures are usually made from Fenugreek, Gentian, Orange peel, Oregon Grape root, Yarrow, and Hops. Herbal digestive bitters can be taken by mouth or in a dropperful of water before a meal to stimulate the production of digestive juices. Sometimes they can also be combined with other herbs such as chamomile for their relaxing effects on the stomach muscles or ginger for its anti-emetic qualities and ability to soothe nausea.