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      This may be your first liquid herbal tincture experience, so here are some helpful tips to get you started. 

      Directions for Use

      Please follow the instructions under Suggested Use on the bottle for use strategies that go with that formula.

      We highly recommend adding our herbal extracts into a beverage of your choice to cut the taste. We do not add sweeteners to our tinctures so you should anticipate an earthy taste. Add the recommended amount of your tincture to water, tea, juice; this will not dilute the effect of the tincture. It's not recommended to add our tinctures directly beneath your tongue.

      Usage Strategies

      How to Use Our Liquid Extracts for Best Results:
      Initially take the suggested amount in a small amount of water, juice or tea to taste. With familiarity, one can take it directly for convenience.

      #1 Fastest Effect Strategy: to achieve in-the-moment results, take 3mL (8 pumps or 4 dropperfuls or up to the first line from the bottom in our jigger cup) in a little water, tea, kombucha or other preferred liquid; if needed, repeat in 5 minutes; or as practitioner recommended. Think 'enough volume here to get the job done'. For example: Kick-Ass Allergy, Serious Relaxer, Sleepy Nights.

      #2 Move-Through-It Strategy: to support optimum recovery rates, Take 3mL (8 pumps or 4 dropperfuls) in a little water; repeat every 1-3 hours for a day or two then taper off to 3-4 times a day (with a good night’s sleep). The idea here is a persistent frequency. For example: Kick-Ass Immune, Get Over It, Deep Stress.

      #3 Tonic Strategy: for daily tonic and deeply nutritive support over time, take 3mL (8 pumps or 4 dropperfuls) 2-4 times a day. Tonics are safe to take long-term. For example: Deep Stress, Daily Immune.

      Important Note: Not all three strategies are appropriate for all formulas. Please follow the instructions under Suggested Use on the bottle for use strategies that go with that formula.


      Many of our tinctures recommend 3mL. What does that equate to for dropper top bottles, pump tops and jigger cups?

      • Dropper top: 4 droppersful
      • Pump top: 8 pumps
      • Jigger cup: fill to the first line from the bottom

      Here's a quick video on how to measure the proper dosage


      Opened tincture bottles do not need to be refrigerated. Simply close the bottle securely and store in a medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet or drawer.

      Expiration Date & Shelf Life

      Our tinctures are good for 3 years after they've been bottled. The expiration date can be found printed on the bottle. Once the bottle has been opened, the tincture is good until the expiration date.

      Recycle Your Bottles

      After finishing your bottle, rinse it out and recycle the glass. The dropper top and pump tops are currently not recyclable unfortunately so those can be thrown away.

      For other answers to questions you're wondering about, please visit our FAQs.