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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 58 reviews
      Matina Gunzinger (Woodland Hills, CA, US)
      So helpful

      This tincture really works. This is my second bottle and I will continue to use. I definitely recommend this product.

      C.G. (Washington, DC, US)
      This is your sign…buy now!

      After suffering from multiple clogged ducts then mastitis I was in search of something to help relieve the discomfort. I found this product on Amazon. I was in so much pain and very sick so I was hoping this product would be the answer. IT WAS/IS!!! I am beyond impressed & now swear by it for the relief of clogged ducts. When I feel the sensation of a clogged duct forming, I take a dose & within 5-6 hours it clears up.

      Katie (Boca Raton, FL, US)
      Great stuff!

      This stuff worked quick and I’m here to buy more!

      Anonymous (Saskatoon, SK, CA)

      I think this helped. I have been struggling with something that I thought was a plugged duct for a few months and came across this. I used it alongside several other remedies and had some relief. It is not resolved so I can’t say for sure if this worked for me or not, likely there is another u deleting problem. I have used several other Wish Garden Herbs products and have been very happy with them.

      H.H. (West Jefferson, NC, US)
      The best stuff!

      This stuff works! I have dealt with clog ducts for both my babies and have never found anything that actually worked until now! After just the first dose I noticed a difference! Now every time I feel a clog coming I take this and it’s usually gone by the end of the day! Highly recommend!

      Anne (Chicago, IL, US)

      Midwife wanted me to consult a breast surgeon if lumps didn’t get smaller just as a precaution. My friends sister recommended this product and taken as directed, I saw a decrease in size of most of the clogged ducts overnight! Such a relief


      I’ve been getting clogged ducts off and on as a first time mom and this is the one thing that’s been helping me every single time with the fastest relief! So grateful for this product!

      A.M. (Atlanta, GA, US)
      Great for BF

      My LO is a hungry boy and I’ve never had clogged ducts. Highly recommend!

      O. (Morrison, CO, US)
      It works!

      I am now 4 weeks PP with baby #5 and took this during that engorgement phase around 1-2 weeks where things get easily clogged. One morning I woke up with one side super hard and sore… took this every few hours and by the evening it felt totally back to normal! I definitely think it was this supplement that did the trick. In the past this would have bothered me for days or even turned into mastitis. Def. recommending to all the breastfeeding mothers I know. Buy it before you have your baby so you have it on hand right when you notice symptoms!

      Shannon P (Honolulu, HI, US)
      It works!

      I was advised to take this by my lactation consultant when I had a clogged ducts. When I start feeling one come on I immediately take this and it has always resolved.

      How to Avoid Clogged Milk Ducts and Breast Engorgement

      Clogged duct breastfeeding is when a mother experiences a plugged milk duct. This often leads to poor milk flow and can be painful. Clogged duct breastfeeding can occur after an aimment in the breast, not allowing the milk to drain properly. It may also happen if the baby is not positioned correctly at the breast during feeding, which will lead to pressure on the clogged area of the breast.

      There are a variety of ways that women can avoid getting clogged milk ducts and breast engorgement, including the following: (1) Keeping the breasts emptied and relaxed to reduce the risk of clogged milk ducts. This can be done by hand (called expressing) or with a breast pump. The gentle pressure from rubbing or pumping will help encourage drainage of clogged milk and relieve pain. (2) If breastfeeding, releasing pressure on your breast from baby sucking by alternating between nursing positions or pausing for short periods when feeding. (3) Using herbal tinctures like WishGarden's Happy Ducts Lactation Support that contain gentle and postpartum-safe herbs like Usnea, Elder, Yarrow and Baptisia as an alternative treatment for clogged milk ducts. (4) You can also try putting a warm compress on the affected area, applying heat before nursing, or breastfeeding more often throughout the day.

      Clogged Milk Duct Symptoms

      A clogged milk duct is often a symptom of breast engorgement. Symptoms may include a sudden feeling of heaviness, pain or tenderness in the affected area, and swelling. If symptoms persist for more than two days, it's important that she sees her doctor or lactation consultant for additional help before any long-term damage occurs to her breasts or nipples from continued overuse of hormones.