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      WishGarden Herbs do not filter, curate, or moderate customer reviews in any manner. These reviews are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for medical advice. Reviews are written by actual customers and represent their own experiences and observations. These observations are not guaranteed and may not be typical for other customers. Your results may be different.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 41 reviews
      Skye (Travelers Rest, SC, US)
      Very satisfied

      I’m very happy to have found a product which helps boost my supply so well. I’ve had supply issues with all my children, and since taking this around my baby’s 2wk mark, there has been a really positive increase in my supply. I skipped it one day and there was a noticeable dip the next day. Will be staying on this for sure, and recommending it!

      Beckie Leonvega (Killeen, TX, US)

      I've tried many different lactation supplements in my BF journey. None have helped as much as MilkRich. The taste is also pleasant compared to some I have taken in the past.

      Amy (Alliston, ON, CA)
      Milk Rich Review

      This product came with hand measuring cup and i wasnt sure how the taste would be, however its quite mild tasting which is nice.

      Yasha Espinoza (Phoenix, AZ, US)

      This actually helped my supply!!

      Jenn Dawson (Fort Collins, CO, US)

      This definitely helps my milk supply

      L.L. (Warwick, RI, US)
      Love this!

      Really helps boost my milk supply!

      Danielle Blevins (Melissa, TX, US)

      I can say that I have seen in just a few days when I first began using the milk rich supplements how it has helped my milk supply to be more nutritious for my baby.

      When I first started I was expecting it to give me more milk production. This was not the case but I could see how much more nutrient dense my milk became. I would pump at work and could see in the bags how much thicker it had become. Also how my baby has grown and is thriving on my milk has been amazing!
      I am very happy with this product and will continue using it until I have finished breastfeeding.

      Chari A
      Best Supporting Herbs!

      I recently had my fourth baby and have used tea blends in the past to support milk production. I love the convenience of this liquid dropper and the amount I’m producing is satisfying my 1 month old. My supply has been great and not too much!

      Jacquelynn Griffith (Big Spring, TX, US)
      Saved my milk supply

      I tried Milk Rich when my milk supply was at an all time low. My baby is special needs and does not tolerate formula so she is reliant on my breast milk. It took about 3 weeks of consistent pumping and taking the tincture several times a day but my supply got back up and is rich and fatty again! I’m going to keep taking this regularly as I can see how well it affects my supply. Highly recommend!

      Bekah Tripp (Haven, KS, US)
      Milk supply

      This product has helped ease to stress of producing enough milk for me. With in two days of using this product my milk supply increased and my baby has been much happier.

      How To Produce More Breast Milk

      Breast milk is used to feed newborns and it creates an emotional bond between the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding also helps children maintain normal body weight, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and improves their immune system. There are many factors that may affect a woman’s ability to produce more breastmilk, such as stress, fatigue or illness. Herbs like Goats Rue, Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and Fennel are known for increasing milk production (these are well known herbal galactagogues) while other herbs like Sage may be able to help with decreasing it if needed (be sure to check out our Sage Milk Reduction to help with the weaning process). If a mother is finding it difficult to produce enough breastmilk for their child then they can take herbal galactagogue tinctures or even just eat foods rich in vitamin D such as eggs or liver so that they may have better success with breastfeeding. WishGarden customers have relied upon Milk Rich with Goat's Rue for over 40 years for increasing their production of breast milk in both volume and quality.

      If you have low milk supply and need to increase breast milk supply, try Milk Rich with Goat's Rue and read the product reviews of how successful our customers have been increasing their breast milk supply.