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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 47 reviews
      S (Berkeley, CA, US)
      Thumbs up

      Good stuff

      Sophie M (Minneapolis, MN, US)
      Definitely Helped

      My midwife gave me a 1oz bottle of AfterEase to use after my delivery, and I really do think it helped! I don't have a prior birth to compare it to, but when I ran out of AfterEase I felt way more aches and pains and immediately ordered another one!

      Loren (Sacramento, CA, US)

      This is my second birth using AfterEase and it helped so much with cramps - the 4oz size lasted the first week+ postpartum. Highly recommend!

      J.L. (Seattle, WA, US)
      Must have for birth of baby #2 and beyond

      I heard that postpartum contractions and cramps after having 2nd baby could be intense. So got this After Ease at the recommendation of my midwives or doula (don’t remember), and oh WOW it works! I would start cramping so painfully, especially while breastfeeding. Then one sip of the tincture in my water and the cramps would ease tremendously or stop completely. Like magic!! I had to keep my water bottle loaded with After Ease during postpartum healing. Thank you!!

      Bee Dumlao (Portland, ME, US)
      A must have!

      Its a must have for your hospital bag when you go into labour for postpartum care. Used it in a previous pregnancy for postpartum and boy did it help me through the postpartum contractions and nursing contractions.

      Elizabeth Gonsar (Philadelphia, PA, US)
      Works like a charm!

      I bought this for my friend just before she went into labor with her baby. Well, this is what she had to say about it :)
      Girl that thing you gave me for after pain works good 😊 Thank you!

      Needless to say, I can't believe I didn't get it for myself after my last delivery! If you are on the fence, here's your answer, get it! :D

      K.B. (Manitou Springs, CO, US)
      Natural Relief

      This absolutely helped relieve cramping after baby #2! I ended up having an emergency c-section and I was so thankful to have a natural way to ease cramping when I came home from the hospital.

      Tiff (Thorp, WI, US)

      Just had my #3 baby. I bought this at the suggestion of my midwife friend - this is her favorite type of afterbirth pain tincture. I used this fairly regularly for the first 4-ish days after giving birth. I think it probably helped a lot with making afterbirth pain tolerable.

      Erin Richardson (Almena, KS, US)
      Postpartum Must Have!

      I used AfterEase for the first time after my third baby. The cramping was SIGNIFICANTLY less than my second baby.

      Meagan Lawry (Lancaster, SC, US)
      Takes the edge off

      I just had my fifth baby, and as we all know, those afterpains seem to grow worse with each birth. In the past I have made my own tincture with similar herbs, and it took has been quite effective. This time with four little people and the school year upon us, my time was severely limited. So Wish Garden to the rescue! It does not completely remove the pain, but there is a definite reduction. I take it prior to most nursing sessions during the first three days until my milk comes in. I find once that happens the cramps lessen significantly and pain relief is not needed. One oz would be plenty for multiple postpartum periods, I think.

      After birth cramps, also known as postpartum uterine cramps, postpartum cramping, or after birth contractions, are the short-term pain women experience due to contractions that occur after childbirth. After birth cramps are typically caused by the uterus contracting and shrinking back down to its normal size. The uterus does not return to its pre-pregnancy size for about six weeks following childbirth. These uterine contractions can feel like menstrual cramps and can last anywhere from a few days up to six weeks after childbirth. The most common treatment for cramping after birth is an herbal tincture that contains the herb Crampbark. This can be taken every three hours during active periods of labor pains or at intervals as needed for lingering pain relief afterwards.