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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 68 reviews
      Janice Vanness (Trenton, NJ, US)
      Not for me

      Although I LOVE kickers allergy, serious cough worsened my already sore throat & did nothing for the cough.

      Saille Simonetti (Missoula, MT, US)

      I've had that awful, constant cough for four long years. Nothing has worked. Then I tried Wishgarden's serious cough formula. It helped a lot. So I then tried the deep lung and bronchial support formula. And it helped a lot.

      But then I decided to use them both at the same time, three times daily. And it's the miracle I've been searching for. I barely cough now. And when I do it's productive.i still deal with long covid issues, but absolutely nothing has helped like this combination of tinctures. I cannot say how grateful I am enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


      Good stuff! Might be a bit too earthy tasting for some folks but it is tolerable and does help to break up the cough you have.

      Mel M. (Sandy, OR, US)
      I Can Breathe Without Coughing Again!

      I was ill a week before I was to run a big event, and talk a lot.
      I pushed through the event, but the cough was ridiculous.
      I got WishGarden’s Serious Cough, and it would almost instantly soothe that annoying cough that was just tickling my throat & not producing anything.
      Grateful for this stuff!

      Angeline Berkey (New Port Richey, FL, US)
      serious cough

      It is a very good cough supplement. It soothes the cough quickly and safe. Taste a little strong but works..

      Carol Novak (Denver, CO, US)
      Seriously! No cough!

      Not only does this taste yummy, it stops my coughing at once, I’ll always be grateful for this product.

      Hope Hernandez (Boise, ID, US)
      Glad it Works for Others

      Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I may have a more serious problem.

      CA (Portland, OR, US)
      Excellent product

      This spray worked really well on coughs related to cold and flu, and for coughs due to dry throat. I didn’t use as much as the bottle recommended and it still worked great. I highly recommend this product.

      Lisa Jurgens (Chicago, IL, US)
      Good Stuff

      More effective and tastes better than Mucinex. I plan on keeping a bottle on hand every winter.

      Jessie Lucas (Clifton Park, NY, US)
      The perfect combo

      I've been dealing with a chronic sinus issue for going on a year that nothing else would touch. On top of that I'm a few months in to that seemingly endless cough folks are getting now. I had had it. I ordered Kick Ass Sinus, Serious Cough, and Deep Lung and within 24 hours I had noticeable improvement in both issues. This is a relief I SO needed! The issues are almost gone so ordering again to kick the last bits out!

      How to Quiet a Cough Fast

      WishGarden's Serious Cough Soothing & Quieting is formulated with ten all-natural organic or wild harvested herbs to soothe and quiet all types of cough discomforts for up to four hours. Included in Serious Cough is Wild Cherry bark, which is known to support healthy respiratory function and a healthy inflammatory response in the body. Grindelia soothes coughhs and supports healthy mucosal lining. Mullein has an affinity for the lungs and was traditionally used to soothe coughs and dry and irritated lungs.