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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 52 reviews
      Yvette Dix (Reno, NV, US)

      Beats NyQuil any day!

      Vicky K. (Napa, CA, US)
      Great product

      I got this product for my son who had a cough for quite a while and could not get rid of it. He said the medicine almost helped immediately. It definitely works and easy to take. Very happy with the results and would recommend the product. Will definitely come in handy in the future as well.

      Elaine Vlahakis (Boca Raton, FL, US)
      This is amazing!

      Serious cough is the only product that has helped my nagging cough. I’ve never found anything that works like this! I’m so glad that I found this product! I highly recommend it!

      Kirsten Leising (Portland, OR, US)
      serious cough works well and fast

      When I have a cough this tincture works really well (and fast) to quiet my it. It's very soothing and I haven't found anything else that works as well.

      Armchair Shopping Chicka (Detroit Lakes, MN, US)
      Forest Fire Smoke Lifesaver ...

      I've always had seasonal allergies, but my coughing has been awful due to breathing forest fire smoke nearly all summer.

      I mix this with Deep Lung & Bronchial Support before bed and it really helps. I'm grateful for this healthy alternative. The taste is fine and I look forward to drinking each night because I know I'll have a better nights sleep.

      Mark Manning (Henderson, NV, US)
      Cough remedies

      This natural remedy for coughing has helped my wife far better than all of the doctors she has seen the last 10 years! Absolutely amazing product! Definitely worth every penny.

      Carol D (Tucson, AZ, US)

      Doesn't just address the symptoms, it also seems to address the problem at the source. Very healing.

      Sandra carns (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
      Like it so much that I gave it to my sister

      I like it

      Frederick Finney (Roseville, CA, US)
      Great product, Serious Cough Soothing & Quieting, really helped my cough

      I have had a persistent cough for over a year now and nothing much has helped to reduce the symptoms, especially since during the super bad allergy season this past spring. My sister-in-law who works at a community co-op suggested it and I felt immediate relief. I purchased a 2 oz bottle at her store and finished it within a week or so. I then ordered a 4 oz bottle. I still have a cough, but it has been much milder and less persistent. I look forward to checking out other products from Wishgarden Herbs.

      Ron (Durham, NC, US)
      Amazing stuff

      I have been fighting a cough for a long time and finally pulled into the 1st store I came to while driving home from work to hopefully buy some Nyquil. I am\was Not into health food products or herbal remedies but that's all they had at the store that I found.
      Thinking this would get me through the night until I could get to a store tomorrow to buy some real medicine. I woke up the next day feeling great. Took another dose of this and was wonderful throughout the day without feeling tired or drowsy. I've been passing this information on to anyone that can hear me.
      I'm sold on your product

      How to Quiet a Cough Fast

      WishGarden's Serious Cough Soothing & Quieting is formulated with ten all-natural organic or wild harvested herbs to soothe and quiet all types of cough discomforts for up to four hours. Included in Serious Cough is Wild Cherry bark, which is known to support healthy respiratory function and a healthy inflammatory response in the body. Grindelia soothes coughhs and supports healthy mucosal lining. Mullein has an affinity for the lungs and was traditionally used to soothe coughs and dry and irritated lungs.