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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Mandy P (Anchorage, AK, US)
      I really wanted this to work

      I’ve gone through a couple bottles of this, but the cough still persists in my son. I’ve given this product a try other times my kids have had coughs, and it seems pretty hit or miss whether it does the trick or not. It definitely cuts down on the cough, but hasn’t worked the best for kicking it.

      David Valdez (Roseburg, OR, US)
      Really helped

      I bought this for my Son and it took some time but it did seem to help after some days.

      Marina Wolfe (Ferndale, WA, US)

      My daughter has been getting sick constantly from daycare and has been huge coughing fits. This has helped with that greatly!

      Rosie Torres (Riverside, CA, US)
      Awesome product

      This really works, it helps my kids every time they have cough at night.

      brittany jones (Glen Burnie, MD, US)

      this is the only thing ive found that legit works. i get my kids to take just a bit of this and they get relief from their cough within 15 to 20 mins now i cant live without this stuff i keep extra bottles we know as a momma its hard to see your kids uncomfortable so a cough is one less thing i have to worry about now

      Meghan L (Summerville, SC, US)
      Love this stuff!

      This is my third bottle of kick it cough… and it works like a charm! I have three kids, one particularly prone to upper respiratory colds and severe cough. And this helps every time! My husband even uses it when he has a cough he can’t kick at night. Highly recommend.

      BW (Salem, OR, US)
      Was really hoping to love this one!

      Haven’t seen much of an improvement unfortunately. We used this consistently and still no change in my child’s coughing fits.

      Choosing 2 Thrive (Des Moines, IA, US)
      Totally Calms Coughs

      I'm so grateful there is a kid formulated cough/lung support. When I have a deep cough the deep lung support is what helps me kick it.
      When my son starts coughing this remedy a few times a day helps prevent the cough from moving in.
      I have to mix it with juice because my son has super powered and sensitive taste buds. The little I am able to get into him does help.
      Thank you!

      Shelby Jones (Midlothian, VA, US)
      Love this herbal remedy for my kids!

      I got this to have on hand for my toddlers’ sicknesses. They ended up with a cough not long after. I was so glad I had this ready to go! It really helped with their coughs.

      Steph U. (Brentwood, TN, US)
      Love this natural alternative!

      After my little one getting sick often from daycare and seemingly getting a cough every 2-3 weeks, I needed something more natural that Tylenol or Robitussm to help soothe her cough. This works pretty good so far and its nice to have peace of mind that its all natural.