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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews
      AC (Hayward, CA, US)
      Simply Bliss

      I Love this product! My kids love this product! It’s definitely a go to in our home when sickness is going around.

      Kellie Stutzman (Shipshewana, IN, US)

      We give this to our 2.5 year old son at the first sign of any coughs, and it helps tremendously to either stop the cough or at least shorten the length of his cough. We use the Daily Immune daily and supplement with this as needed, and it’s been a major life saver! He’s in daycare and exposed to all the germs, and now we won’t let our stock in Wish Garden Herbs get too low without reordering!

      C. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
      Honestly kicks my daughters cough immediately!

      I wasn’t sure abt my purchase with all the tinctures but since there was a sale I tried it out and honestly my 2.5 year old daughter attending preschool has not been sick in months and whenever she gets a cough I give 1 pump and it soothes her for the next several hrs. I’m kinda amazed

      Ruth (Portland, ME, US)
      So good!

      It is great to be able to give my 3 year old a product that she willingly takes (it tastes good enough) and also helps her thru the respiratory stuff. Again, your products are essentials for our household!

      C.G. (St. George, UT, US)
      It helps a bit

      My toddler gets a bad cough for most of the winter time, been using this and it does help tame it a bit during the day, but doesn’t seem to help during the night, hoping it’ll get better soon though

      Mandy P (Anchorage, AK, US)
      I really wanted this to work

      I’ve gone through a couple bottles of this, but the cough still persists in my son. I’ve given this product a try other times my kids have had coughs, and it seems pretty hit or miss whether it does the trick or not. It definitely cuts down on the cough, but hasn’t worked the best for kicking it.

      David V (Roseburg, OR, US)
      Really helped

      I bought this for my Son and it took some time but it did seem to help after some days.

      Marina Wolfe (Ferndale, WA, US)

      My daughter has been getting sick constantly from daycare and has been huge coughing fits. This has helped with that greatly!

      Rosie Torres (Riverside, CA, US)
      Awesome product

      This really works, it helps my kids every time they have cough at night.

      brittany jones (Glen Burnie, MD, US)

      this is the only thing ive found that legit works. i get my kids to take just a bit of this and they get relief from their cough within 15 to 20 mins now i cant live without this stuff i keep extra bottles we know as a momma its hard to see your kids uncomfortable so a cough is one less thing i have to worry about now