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Catherine Hunziker, Chairwoman and Founder of WishGarden, explains why we make our formulas using liquid extracts (tinctures), rather than pills or capsules.
Posted on: September 28th, 2020
Many of you consume various drugs and apply skin solutions religiously to keep your hair and skin healthy. Did you know that the herbs in your garden and the spices you use in dishes can immensely benefit your looks? Here are seven herbs and species that can enhance your appearance. Cinnamon Cinnamon, your [...] more..
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Nearly everyone these days experiences some type of “stress” in one form or another: work, personal life, parenting, school, and so on. But stress has become so commonplace that sometimes we forget that it affects us in unnatural ways that can take a toll on our health. Women, too, are often impacted more[...]
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