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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      Lynn Dee (Denver, CO, US)
      Great Combo!

      I am thrilled with the results! I take this remedy in warm water as a tea am and pm with lymph mover. I have been able to get rid of a sinus infection that has lingered since allergy season. I appreciate the immune support without throwing my system of whack. I have relied on Wish Garden Herbs for over 30 years to deliver the best in herbal remedies for me and my family.

      Andrea (Rock Springs, WY, US)
      Kick ass daily immune

      Amazing how this works! Keeps my sinuses and congestion if any clear! I feel energetic and good throughout the day, I’m on my 2nd jigger bottle and will keep them on my list throughout the coming months!
      Thank you!

      Sajohn Daverly (Crestone, CO, US)
      A Truly Outstanding Daily Supplement Which Works Marvelously

      I've been using this for a few years now and have indeed found that in conjunction with the other supplements which I've also been taking daily, such as vitamin D3, my body has remained in somewhat miraculously healthy condition, thank Goddess, even in the midst of friends and neighbors all around becoming seriously ill from many different causes.

      Amy Percevault (Pompton Plains, NJ, US)
      Works great!

      I've been taking this in my adrenal cocktails in the morning and it has helped me so much. My toddler twins are in preschool and take home EVERYTHING. Since using it, I haven't gotten sick. Thank goodness because I was getting every single illness they did. It was bad. I'm so thankful for this product!

      Jessica (Torrance, CA, US)
      Kicking butt for sure

      I’ve been using this the past few months whenever any of my kids have been sick. I haven’t been sick since.

      Janice McCorkle (Santa Cruz, CA, US)
      Noticeable improvement

      I bought for my husband to help with his allergies, and all around health. I observed a noticeable improvement in his allergies which can flair up bad.
      Off to order more.

      Beth Haas (Indianapolis, IN, US)
      Can’t function without them

      I Love all the Kick Ass products. They really work! Don’t hesitate to purchase.

      Gerald Anderson (Oakley, CA, US)
      Incredible clarity and focus

      This is different with the elderberry added astragalus root—-clarity, focus, calm. All this while strengthening my immune system. I pack water for work each long day. I add a whole dropper full in each of two 32 ounce metal water bottles. Very subtle taste,requires some extra scrubbing when cleaning water bottles. Have been taking KickAss Immune for about 5 years…no colds, no coughs, no runny nose, no missed days.. prevention is the best medicine along with delicious and nutritious Whole Foods.

      Toni Mariani (Aurora, CO, US)
      Kick ass rocks

      I have been using Kick ass for many years, I take a dose each morning and feel it helps keep my immune system healthy. We recently went to Ireland and I forgot to bring the Kick Ass with me and got sick. Have it on the list for our river cruise!

      Jeanette Lundgren (Eugene, OR, US)
      Kick-Ass Daily Immune With Elderberry & Astragalus

      I like to use this daily. I had been taking a different Elderberry liquid every morning; but I find putting two squirts of this in my tea every morning is a little extra immune support. And I love the taste!