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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      Katelyne Hawkins (Orlando, FL, US)
      I highly recommend it!

      I highly recommend it. I definitely feel healthier, and I have more energy. I will be ordering it again and recommending it to other moms.

      JN (Oakland, CA, US)
      Thank god this exists

      With a constantly sick toddler I am taking this diligently and so far - no colds on my end!

      Michelle Mejia (Portsmouth, VA, US)
      Works so good!

      I’m 26 weeks pregnant and purchased this for myself since we’re approaching the winter months soon. I actually started using it this week when my husband returned from a retreat with the VID and I have NOT gotten sick! Works really well in boosting my immune system and keeping me and baby boy healthy!

      DANA BURTON (Key Largo, FL, US)
      I’m a believer

      It works!

      Haley Benzon (Salt Lake City, UT, US)

      Both my husband and 4 year old son got sick. I religiously took this and never got sick!

      Aly (Phoenix, AZ, US)
      Great product

      I really like this product & that it's safe while pregnant & nursing. Whenever I feel I'm fighting something off, I start taking this & it helps keep me healthy & prevent illness. Also tastes good.

      Kayleigh Saxon (Woodstock, GA, US)

      I’ve been around a lot of sick family and friends and I have used this everyday. I feel 100% comfortable taking this brand while pregnant.

      CJ (Bethpage, TN, US)
      So helpful!

      I'm so thankful for this pregnancy line! I have been able to stay healthy during the typical sick season.

      Kristi Zboncak (Chicago, IL, US)
      Works well!

      Ordered this after two weeks of being sick. Wasn’t feeling all the way better even after a round of antibiotics. Purchased this and used it twice a day until I felt better- kicked the last of my sickness!! Keeping up with it through the rest of my pregnancy!

      J.S. (Kansas City, MO, US)
      I always am one of the first to get sick

      Not anymore! I have quite a large family with a lot of kids so every time we get together it seems like someone gets everyone else sick. This year however, when everyone got sick I was taking this! no sickness here! I'm so amazed. If I feel a little bit of scratch in my throat or am going to be around large groups I make sure to take some of this & So far I haven't came down with anything! Now if I could just get my toddler to drink the kids version my winters would be so much better! FYI These do have a very strong taste, I personally put in under my tongue and gulp in down. Its not terrible but I definitely wouldn't able to put this in water and sip it.
      So happy I found this and gave it a try, my breastfed baby has also been able to keep the sickness away when using this.