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      Lactation Support

      Nursing mothers may find that herbal remedies are a natural alternative to the use of medication. WishGarden's safe, gentle and effective herbal formulations for breastfeeding moms support any number of concerns a nursing mom may experience: from producing more breastmilk and unclogging milk ducts to producing less milk to begin the weaning process and helping with cracked and sore nipples. Shop WishGarden Herbs' assortment of all-natural herbal remedies for nursing mothers.
      Happy Ducts Free the Flow 2oz Pump On Sale
      Happy Ducts Free the Flow
      From $19.99 $24.99
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      Milk Rich Supply Booster 2oz Pump
      Milk Rich Supply Booster
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      Goat's Rue Lactation Aid 2oz Pump
      Goat's Rue Lactation Aid
      From $24.99
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      Sage Milk Reduction 2oz Pump
      Sage Milk Reduction
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      From the WishGarden Blog

      Holistic Breast Care for the Nursing Mom
      Breastfeeding can be one of the sweetest, most rewarding relationships a mom has. Sitting down in a comfy chair to nourish your baby (or babies) and bond over this special experience that just the two of you share is a profound exchange. But as wonderful as nursing can be, it's not without its challenges. Our breasts need care and attention (just as our babies do) to stay in good health. Here are a few tips to keep your breasts in tip-top shape, so they can do their (very important) job!

      The Nutritional Benefits of Breastfeeding
      Mother's milk, or breastmilk, is the most nutritious food on the planet. In fact, more than 200 nutrients have been identified in breastmilk, with new nutrients being discovered, as science permits. The macronutrient profile (protein, fat, and carbohydrate content) can vary from woman to woman based on the mother's diet, how long she has been lactating, time between feedings, and even the time of feeding.

      Goat's Rue and Breastfeeding
      The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous and oftentimes new mothers are concerned with the quality and quantity of milk supply. Goat's Rue, or Galega officinalis, is an herbal galactagogue that has been used for centuries to increase breast milk supply.

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