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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 135 reviews
      Marsha (Modesto, CA, US)
      Feel better faster

      Helped get over the cold I had for 2 weeks that was just dragging out. I seem to have more energy too. I’ve had a total Colectomy so I’m always looking for ways to boost my immune system & this one actually works.

      PD (Vail, CO, US)
      We use this religiously!

      This has been a staple all year long in our house. As soon as we feel the slightest bit of cold coming on, or if someone in the house is sick and we are trying to avoid it, we start taking the tincture relentlessly. Works like a charm!

      Ann C. (Sandia Park, NM, US)
      Kick-Ass Immune Activator helped heal my cold

      By the time I received Kick-Ass Immune Activator, I had an antibiotic resistant sinus infection. I started taking the tincture as directed and was well within a week!

      Anonymous (Tucson, AZ, US)
      Kick Ass & other products..

      I have used Kick Ass for several years. I am on other strong medications that may give me issues when using it as suggested, so I have tapered it down to minimal use when I need it. I feel it definitely boosts my immune system when others around me are ill. I also feel the positive benefits of Get Over It.
      I have trouble sleeping & am trying Sleepy Nights, so far it has done nothing., which is surprising bc the 3 main ingredients usually do help me. Tonight I thought I wd try the 'relax' one. My grandfather was an herbalist and I am aware of the good & danger herbs can supply. I am delighted to have this product available, but I do use with caution bc of my other medication. Thank you for being there!!

      PCB (Pender, NE, US)

      Working great so far we will keep taking it to see if it’ll work throughout the whole winter

      C.O. (Alameda, CA, US)
      I recommend this to everyone I know!

      I am so grateful for this product! As a mother of a toddler this has helped me to stay healthy while taking care of him. I take it at the first sign of any symptoms and am consistently amazed that I feel better within 24 hours! I've gifted or recommended this to anyone I can and everyone shared similar results!

      Nikki (Christchurch, CAN, NZ)
      Love this stuff!

      Picks me up and prevents colds from getting worse.

      Lupita Adams (San Antonio, TX, US)
      Worked Great!

      I ordered the product because my aunt recommended it. And I placed the order when I was well. The product arrived on the day I was sick and feeling terrible. I followed the instructions and after about a day and a half, I started to feel great! The taste took some getting used to, which was fine. With prayer to my Lord and Savior and this product, I was back to better. I came back to the website and ordered 5 more bottles of different products. Can wait to try those out! Thank you!

      Lib (Dunedin, FL, US)
      Good stuff

      If I feel a little under the weather or like I’m coming down with a bug,this is my go to defense. I spray every few hours and before bed. Does the trick!

      Danielle Brandenberger (Janesville, WI, US)
      The best!

      Whenever I feel a cold coming on, KickAss Immune knocks it out within 24 hours. The taste is hard to get used to, but even my kids will use it now, because they know it works!