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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      Rosie Torres (Corona, CA, US)
      A winter must have!!!

      My kids were getting sick all the time, I started using daily inmune for kids and they have not gotten sick since, I love this products, and the best of all they are natural.

      Cathy (Hot Springs, VA, US)
      Seem to work, cleared up mucus

      My toddler and I have both taken this a few times and it seems to do the job. The first time we took it we had had runny noses for 2 weeks that wouldn’t go away and it cleared it up within 12 hours. The other times we’ve taken it was just as a preventative when we ran out of elderberry syrup but had been in crowded public places all day. Didn’t get sick, so this and/or our immune systems did their job. It tastes nasty and I never have juice since my kid doesn’t like most juices anyway, but I could get my child to drink it in hot herbal tea with honey. Hope the heat isn’t killing anything beneficial but does the job to get it down the hatch.

      Sara H (Mt. Pleasant, SC, US)
      Love this formula for the whole family

      We have been using this tincture for years and absolutely love it! I prefer it over the adult version and also use the kid's tincture myself. We always have a bottle of this handy, and use it all the time - especially during travel or over the winter.

      Julie Iannarone (Redmond, WA, US)
      Travel must

      We take these for our family every travel and they help so much!

      Catherine Tamsin (Coventry, CT, US)

      Excellent product

      lindsay Rodgers (Kelseyville, CA, US)
      The best! My go-to!

      Ive been using Wishgarden for my kids for 10 yrs now! I have 2 boys so I needed to upgrade to a bigger bottle. Well worth it!

      petra skerritt (Raleigh, NC, US)
      It truly works!

      We have been using this now for 3 years and every time our little ones starts with sniffles or coughs this is our number one to go remedy. Within 2 days it's gone and we are good to go. If we go anywhere around kiddos especially in the winter time we start using it a day or two a head and never get sick! I stand by this products religiously. I am basically a walking advertisement telling everyone about it. For Christmas this are in the gift bags as well. I highly recommend this.

      Mila A (Chicago, IL, US)

      I give this to my little one when she starts to feel under the weather. It definitely helps to shorten the duration of her cold. I also thinks it helps her to feel better while her body is recovering. I am grateful for this miracle!

      Amelia Hamilton (Atlanta, GA, US)
      Works great!

      This has really helped keep my kiddos cold from getting bad. So thankful for a minor quick cold. Will always keep this ready for when sickness comes around

      Whitney (Cody, WY, US)
      Great for immunity!

      I bought this recently because everyone seems to get sick during back to school time. We’ve already had to use it and so far it’s keeping my kids healthy. Big fan!