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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Kellie Stutzman (Shipshewana, IN, US)
      Love this!

      We love this for our 2.5 year old son. We give him Daily Immune everyday and supplement with this at the first sign of any illness. It works immediately and clears up or shortens any cold/illness he gets. He’s in daycare, so germs are everywhere. This has been a huge help in keeping him healthy!

      Mary (Warsaw, MN, US)
      Go to when we are sick

      This is our go to product when we start getting sick. It really reduces the severity and duration of the sickness! I keep in on hand all winter

      C.G. (St. George, UT, US)
      Very effective

      I give this to my 2 year old and it really helps him not get so badly sick as he used to and for that I’m so thankful 🥹 he has been sick for most of the 2 years he’s been alive and it has been so hard, I felt like such a failure as a mom not being able to help my son feel better and this has helped the both of us!

      Jordan Holder (Dallas, TX, US)
      Excellent Product

      We love the immune activator! I start giving it to my kids at the first sign of any sickness coming on. It has helped keep their sickness at bay and speeds up their recovery process!

      AC (San Leandro, CA, US)
      Kick- It Immune

      My kids love it!
      You can see the positive effects within a few minutes.

      MacKenzie Meixner (Rochester, MN, US)
      Best ever!

      Any time my kids show signs of something coming on, I put this in their water & it usually stops whatever was brewing from coming on full blown. This is always stocked on our house!

      Boymom77 (Portland, OR, US)
      Always a winner!

      I’ve reviewed this before, but I’ll say it again, very effective! My son doesn’t mind the strong taste now, so I’m happy :)

      Rosie Torres (Corona, CA, US)
      A winter must have!!!

      My kids were getting sick all the time, I started using daily inmune for kids and they have not gotten sick since, I love this products, and the best of all they are natural.

      Cathy (Hot Springs, VA, US)
      Seem to work, cleared up mucus

      My toddler and I have both taken this a few times and it seems to do the job. The first time we took it we had had runny noses for 2 weeks that wouldn’t go away and it cleared it up within 12 hours. The other times we’ve taken it was just as a preventative when we ran out of elderberry syrup but had been in crowded public places all day. Didn’t get sick, so this and/or our immune systems did their job. It tastes nasty and I never have juice since my kid doesn’t like most juices anyway, but I could get my child to drink it in hot herbal tea with honey. Hope the heat isn’t killing anything beneficial but does the job to get it down the hatch.

      Sara H (Mt. Pleasant, SC, US)
      Love this formula for the whole family

      We have been using this tincture for years and absolutely love it! I prefer it over the adult version and also use the kid's tincture myself. We always have a bottle of this handy, and use it all the time - especially during travel or over the winter.