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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Kiah Stromme (Plymouth, MN, US)
      Recommended by my midwives

      I feel so tired throughout the day but when it comes time to do go sleep at night I lay there for hours and wake up multiple times a night. I have been taking this for a few weeks and I think it helps!!

      Kristy Collicutt (Riverview, NB, CA)
      Life Saver In A Bottle!

      I ordered this after teas stopped being effective for staying asleep through the night in my third trimester.

      It doesn't happen more than once or twice a week, but when it does I am so grateful for this tincture. I use 2 dropperfuls in a bit of water when I wake up and can't sleep and within 15minutes I'm out cold until morning. I don't feel groggy or disoriented when I get up either.

      Highly recommend!

      DANA BURTON (Key Largo, FL, US)
      Pretty good

      Not asleep as fast as I would’ve hoped but good product! I’m reordering!

      Kate C (Frederick, CO, US)
      A Gorgeous Ally

      After hitting getting into a rough patch of pregnancy and stress related insomnia I was afraid my peaceful nights would be gone until long after the little one arrived. Thankfully I found this tincture and it has made all of the difference. This has been a fabulous addition to my evening routine e allowing me to get hours of restful sleep (between bathroom runs).
      Highly recommend to any pregnant mamas out there looking for an herbal ally that will help them drift off.

      Sarah (Charlemont, MA, US)

      I am nearing the end of my first pregnancy and for the past few weeks I was not sleeping well at all. I really didn't want to use benedryl or anything like that, but the only good sleeping herbs I was aware of are controversial during pregnancy. I am SO glad I found this pregnancy safe herbal blend. It works really well. I have been sleeping much better and become much more functional (at least as much as one can be at this point in pregnancy) during the day. Thank you!!!

      K (Denver, CO, US)
      Really works!

      I've been using this tincture for a while now. It really does help to calm the mind and get me to sleep.

      Sophie J (Cambridge, MA, US)
      I didn’t expect it to work this well!

      This works so well, I am so happy I found it. It’s been so hard to sleep since getting pregnant despite being so tired! Falling asleep isn’t always hard but once I get woken up it’s extremely hard to go back to sleep but with this I can easily go back to sleep and it’s been saving me! I’ve been using it for awhile so I know it’s not just a placebo effect. Highly recommend.

      Megan H. (Denver, CO, US)
      Finally...sleep while pregnant!

      I was wanting to get good sleep while pregnant but wanted to avoid medications. I've started taking this every night and it works. I take it about 15 minutes before I plan to go to sleep. I definitely recommend and will continue to buy.

      mrsdsmith33 (Seattle, WA, US)
      Highly Recommend

      I’ve purchased multiple bottles already as this tincture helps to settle my mind and relax me. Definitely helps aid in putting me to sleep.

      Shelley Blase (Elkview, WV, US)
      Sleep Deprived Pregnancy Relief

      I’ve struggled with sleep for most of my life. I have coped with night terrors and with being pregnant now, I needed to get some relief. The first night I took the tincture I didn’t wake once. There were a few days I was up a little but I’ve been using it every night and it has helped me to asleep and stay asleep (until I have to use the bathroom- you all know how that is). The taste of this tincture is not my favorite. It’s very potent but, it honestly does the trick. I would highly recommend this to any exhausted mother to be out there or anyone that struggles with sleep disorders.

      Difficulty sleeping during pregnancy is a very common occurrence. Many pregnant women find that they are unable to sleep through the night and end up waking up several times throughout the night. This is because of hormonal changes in their body as well as natural discomfort of the growing belly. Some pregnant women also wake up because they have startle reflex when their uterus is touched or if they have experienced any other type of abdominal pain. Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy is a well-known sleep aid for women to use while pregnant. Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy uses all-natural herbs, like Passionflower, to support the calming of the mind and the relaxing of the body.

      Women who are pregnant should also consider using a pregnancy pillow for additional support while sleeping during their pregnancies.

      To help with stress during pregnancy, check out our Stress Release for Pregnancy herbal formula.