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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 41 reviews
      Allison H. (Chevy Chase, MD, US)
      Will never stopping purchasing

      Sleepy nights has saved me. I will never not order this product. I wish I had found it sooner.

      Alyx Carson (San Antonio, TX, US)

      This magic potion made it possible for me to sleep a full 8 hours. I haven’t done that in 7 months!!! I am so impressed. This is a pregnancy essential.

      Ashlee Wagoner (Denver, CO, US)

      Worked like a charm! I haven’t been sleeping well during my pregnancy and this has been saving me.

      Morgan (Englewood, CO, US)
      The best!

      This stuff helps soooo much. I used it lots for pregnancy insomnia and now sometimes postpartum too. Love it!

      Kristy Gonyer (Portland, OR, US)
      Postpartum must have

      It has been helping me fall asleep more easily in between the frequent night feedings rather than wasting precious sleep opportunities lying awake.

      Abigail Chapman (Indiana, PA, US)

      Obsessed with this product! If you’re thinking about buying it just do it!

      Lissa (Jersey City, NJ, US)
      Read instructions prior, runs out fast.

      I mistakenly imagined this would be something I could keep on my nightstand and spray once into my mouth upon an unwanted awakening in the middle of the night and then drop my head back onto the pillow.
      The instructions actually were to add 8 pumps into a cup with a small amount of water. Not only is eating through the 2oz bottle much faster than I expected, but it makes me wake up/turn on a light to pour fresh water and count 8 sprays making sure I'm aiming correctly into the cup.
      Next time, I'll adjust my expectations for use, and order the larger bottle. I tried using fewer sprays, but I did need the full dose to help consistently. This isn't designed to knock you out mid-day or after an ice cream sundae, but if you've "done everything right" for successful sleep and you still find yourself unable to fall asleep, this has helped me.

      Callie Adee (Wichita, KS, US)
      Really helpful product!

      I’ve struggled with sleep since having my babies, this has helped so much! Worked faster and better than Vit B1, or tart cherry concentrate, without being sedative, so if my kids need me I can wake up easily!

      Bianca Anderson (Berthoud, CO, US)

      This stuff is great!! Highly recommend! I fall asleep it helps me have a good deep sleep! Definitely leads to fresh mornings 👍

      Rachel Moen (San Antonio, TX, US)
      So helpful in the last few weeks of pregnancy

      This worked for me, and i take half the recommended amount. Highly recommend.

      Difficulty sleeping during pregnancy is a very common occurrence. Many pregnant women find that they are unable to sleep through the night and end up waking up several times throughout the night. This is because of hormonal changes in their body as well as natural discomfort of the growing belly. Some pregnant women also wake up because they have a startle reflex when their uterus is touched or if they have experienced any other type of abdominal discomfort. Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy is a well-known sleep aid for women to use while pregnant. Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy uses all-natural herbs, like Passionflower, to support the calming of the mind and the relaxing of the body.

      Women who are pregnant should also consider using a pregnancy pillow for additional support while sleeping during their pregnancies.

      To help with stress during pregnancy, check out our Stress Release for Pregnancy herbal formula.