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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Jacqueline S (Haines, AK, US)
      Game changer

      Around 20 weeks in my pregnancy I began to have a really hard time with depression and anger. I would wake up in the morning upset, without apparent reason, and it began to have a negative impact on my mental health and relationships. My midwife suggested trying the Stress Release for pregnancy tincture. It arrived in less than a week, which is incredibly fast shipping as I live in rural Alaska! Three days after I started to take it I felt like a new person. My mood swings stabilized, I was able to find my joy again. I put a dropper in my water bottle in the mornings and have finally understood how there are women out there who enjoy being pregnant! 100% would recommend, I am a Wishgarden herbs convert and have a full shopping cart of other tinctures I want to try now. Get the big bottle!

      E.T. (Seattle, WA, US)
      This is a great companion for managing stress during pregnancy

      It helps take the edge off. I take it whenever I'm feeling uneasy or overwhelmed.

      Abigail Bouffard (Lebanon, PA, US)

      I can feel this tincture begin working within half an hour of taking it. It has been such a vital part of my new life with two under 18 months! This is a staple in all my baby shower gifts.

      B Smith (Eagle, ID, US)
      This really works.

      Prior to pregnancy, I was taking a great adaptogenic herbal blend that was helping with anxiety and some depression, but I had to stop it when I found out we were expecting. After suffering through most of my first trimester, one day I realized that my anxiety was causing SO many other issues like shortness of breath, rising BP, poor sleep, mood swings, etc. Plus, we're in a season of life that is just kind of hectic and stressful. I have loved other Wishgarden products so tried this Stress Release. It worked SO well. I sometimes take 3 droppers, but even just 2 works great. I find it calms and kind of stabilizes me for the rest of the day. My BP normalizes. I can breathe better. It's such an answer to prayer.

      Michelle (Northbrook, IL, US)
      I think it’s helpful!

      I started this product in combination with a wonderful acupuncturist and feel it has helped take an edge off. I plan to keep incorporating it into daily supplement use. Worth trying!

      Kristen (Fortson, GA, US)
      Works for me!

      My nervous system was in the habit of being on alert all the time. The herbs in this tincture gently and powerfully help me regulate my nervous system. I take it as a daily tonic during busy or stressful times. Very thankful for this herbal support in pregnancy!

      Katie K (Philadelphia, PA, US)
      Great Product!

      Works well and is safe during pregnancy and lactation!!

      Megan M (Seaside, OR, US)
      Postpartum lifesaver

      I was having some serious anxiety postpartum that made sleep almost impossible. This stuff absolutely saved me. Calmed my mind and body enough to finally find sleep. So grateful! Taste isn't bad either.

      Abigail (Virginia, MN, US)
      Stress release

      I think this has helped with some of my pregnancy anxiety symptoms. I usually mix with a calming tea or water. It does not taste bad to me!

      Kory Teitelbaum (Phoenix, AZ, US)
      Awesome product

      Awesome product, shipped fast, works fast will absolutely being ordering more products from this line over the next several months for sure