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      If you're new to liquid herbal extracts, be sure to checkout our "Getting Started" page for some great tips.





      Do you offer discounts?
      Yes, on occasion, WishGarden offers discounts to shop on the site. The best way to stay informed of promotions we're running is to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter. You can subscribe to our email here; unsubscribe anytime.


      Why isn't my discount code working?
      The discount code you received may not be working for a couple reasons. (1) The code may have expired. (2) You didn't meet the requirements of the discount code. For example, some discount codes are triggered when you have $50 or more in your shopping basket. 





      How do you ship your products?
      We use USPS Priority Mail. Orders will typically arrive within 4-7 days on orders placed before 11am MST Mon-Fri. 


      Where do you ship?
      We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada

      Do you offer expedited shipping?

      We do not currently offer expedited shipping on our site.If you would like an order expedited, please call us at (303) 516-1803 to place your order with one of our certified herbalists.

      For more information on our Shipping & Returns, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.





      Can I give adult formulas to kids?
      For children under 12: in some cases, yes - in the proper amount. However, we recommend you stick to the children's products as these have been formulated specifically with kids in mind. Consult an herbal or natural therapies practitioner before giving any adult formulas to children. Children 12 years and older can take adult formulas.

      What does "as needed" mean on the label?
      We are all unique and herbs can work differently for different people. The usage instructions on the label are written to be applicable to a general population. However, that doesn't mean they are optimum for you and the discomforts you are experiencing (small vs. large body types for example). "As needed" means you should take the amount listed at a needed frequency until you feel the desired effect (paying attention to any maximum or frequency limitations listed).


      How do you use a pump top?
      The pump tops were designed to make it easy to take your extracts on the go: you simply pump them directly into your mouth or add to juice or water. Each pump is equivalent to approximately half a dropper.

      How do you use a Jigger cup?
      The jigger cups were designed to make taking your formula(s) of choice convenient. It is particularly helpful if needing to take larger quantities or combining formulas. One dropperful is approximately 1 mL; therefore the 3 mL mark on the jigger cup, which is the first line from the bottom, is approximately equivalent to 3 droppersful. Jiggers are also great for refilling smaller bottles.

      I'm on a gluten-free diet. Are there any formulas that I should avoid?
      None of our formulas contain gluten. The pure Italian wheat-based grain alcohol we use leaves all gluten behind when distilled, and comes with a gluten-free test certificate. The only other grain used in any of the formulas is Milky Oats, which is sustainably harvested and sorted in a botanical house. It is not processed with, or contaminated by, other grains.

      Can I mix two or more formulas, or take them together?
      Many people enjoy mixing combinations; however, those with a complicated medical history or on prescription drugs should consult their natural therapies practitioner.

      Are there any formulas that I should not mix?
      We recommend that you avoid using the adult formulas while pregnant or breastfeeding unless advised to do so by your natural therapies practitioner.

      Will I still get the same effect if I put the extract in another liquid (juice, tea, etc.)?
      Yes for most formulas diluting them in common drinks can improve taste, and will not compromise the formula's effect. Just use the recommended amount, and repeat if necessary for full effect. Please note that to receive the full effect of bitters, you must taste them and dilution is not recommended.

      Can diabetics take glycerin?
      Yes. Glycerin is also called glycerol and is a plant-based substance that is molecularly similar to alcohol. It belongs to the family of sugar alcohols, such as malitol, sorbitol, and xylitol, considered safe for diabetics.




      How do herbal extracts compare to tablets or capsules?
      Most capsules either contain powdered, dry herbs, or a tiny bit of liquid extract (gel caps). Tablets are powdered herbs that are held together by pressure and other chemicals. The beauty of liquid extracts, or "tinctures," is that they absorb quickly and the body receives the full benefit of the plant in a very bio-available solution. Liquids also allow you to customize your serving freely so you can best meet your needs at the time. Liquids are inexpensive and easy to swallow. The droppers and pump top dispensers are also convenient for when you're on the go.

      Should I take your formulas under the tongue?
      While it is true that the area under our tongues is highly absorbable, we do not recommend placing our products under the tongue, as the alcohol content can be irritating to this sensitive area. It is not necessary for the formulas be be effective.

      How do liquid extracts differ from essential oils or homeopathics?
      Liquid extracts are made with whole herbs in their natural form that are fresh or dried and have only been cut or powdered and combined with alcohol and water. This allows for the extraction of a a whole mosaic of plant constituents, which in turn means they are fast, effective AND gentle. Essential oils are the concentrated extract of these pure plant oils and are extracted using a steam distillation process that separates out these pure plant oils from the plant material and water found in the plant (these are known as hydrofoils). Where liquid extracts contain all of an herb’s constituents, including volatile oils, essential oils are only one part of a plant’s complete constituent make-up in a highly concentrated form. While herbs are used to make some homeopathic remedies, they are diluted to such a degree that no detectable amount of the herb actually remains in the finished product. In many ways, homeopathic remedies work on an energetic level. Because of their dilution process, homeopathic remedies do not contain any detectable constituents from the original plant.

      What type of alcohol do you use in your products? Is it gluten-free?
      We use a certified organic alcohol from Italy and it is certified gluten-free. As alcohol does not contain protein in the finished product, it cannot contain gluten.

      Why are you using Osha? Isn’t it endangered?
      Osha is not endangered but it is at-risk. Osha may not mature or establish it's perennial roots for several years, putting it at increased risk for over-harvesting. Sustainability is a strongly held and practiced WishGarden value so we’ve taken swift action in safeguarding its population. We’ve reduced our osha root use by reformulating a number of formulas that require osha. All of our products containing osha root are made with sustainable certified organic osha root. Finally, we’ve partnered with farmers to help keep the population alive and thriving and we're proud to say we are the first national herbal company to use sustainably cultivated osha.

      Where do your herbs come from?
      We get our herbs from various sources. Most are grown or wild harvested in the United States and Europe. We do also receive a handful from Asia (all organic). We have some local farms that also supply some of the herbs we use. All of our vendors must go through a rigorous in house verification process to be approved. Additionally, all of wild crafters also have to pass a rigorous verification process.

      How do we test the herbs we receive and use?
      In order to be approved into our vendor verification process, they have to prove that their herbs are properly tested for microbial counts, properly identified to genus and species, etc. Even with our verified suppliers we also still do random spot testing for all of this as well, some of it in-house and some sent to external labs. If we find any issues we will remove a supplier from our verified list. In addition, our QC team will personally test each batch of herb that comes in organoleptically (sight, smell, taste, etc.) and microscopically (as needed). In addition, our products are also tested during and at the end of the production process. Our QC team includes a botanist and a clinical herbalist.

      How long will it take for the formula to have an effect?
      Many of our common symptom-soothing formulas are designed to take effect within 5-10 minutes if used properly. To get these fast-acting results, we recommend 3-4 droppersfull, or 6-8 pumps, per use to start. If you are not yet feeling the full effect within the first 5 minutes, repeat the original serving. You can do this up to 4 servings back to back. Note that some of our formulas are tonics and are meant to work over longer periods of time.

      Here are some other strategies you can use, depending on the effect you need:

      Herbs can work within 5 minutes to impact symptoms! To achieve in-the-moment results, take one serving (see label for serving size). Serving may need to be repeated 1-3x for full relief. See individual product label for max daily servings.

      For example: Kick-Ass Allergy, Sleepy Nights, Cramp Release, Attention Ally, AfterEase

      Take one serving (see label for serving size) every 1-3 hours for a day or two then taper off to every 3-4 hours a day as symptoms improve, up to 5 consecutive days or as practitioner recommended. See individual product label for max daily servings.

      For example: Kick-Ass Immune, Get Over It, Happy Ducts, Flow Stopper, Congestion Rescue

      Take one serving (see label for serving size) 2-4x a day as needed for ongoing support. Length of use depends on individual needs and formula choice. Consult with a practitioner before using a tonic beyond recommended use guidelines.

      For example: Daily Immune, ReBalance, Cycle Harmony, Hot Flash Tamer, Deep Stress

      Important Note: Not all three strategies are appropriate for all formulas. Please follow the instructions under Suggested Use on the bottle or product’s web page for use strategies that go with that formula.




      About the Products

      What Is The Difference Between Kick-Ass Immune and Kick-Ass Daily Immune?
      Kick-Ass Immune helps support an optimum immune response. While it offers great short-term preventive support for those peak germy times in life, this is not a formula for daily use. Think of this formula when you need short-term active support.


      Kick-Ass Daily Immune, on the other hand, provides everyday support for a healthy immune system. When you want to make sure your immune system is working at its best, Kick-Ass Daily Immune has your back. This formula is meant for daily use and is not recommended for active situations.

      Are your products organic?
      We source organic raw ingredients whenever possible, including any cultivated herbs used and the alcohol in the tinctures. Many of our raw herbs are also wildcrafted. However, our products are not currently USDA certified organic.

      Are your products non-GMO?
      Yes, we make a point to ensure that our raw ingredients are GMO-free. Most of the herbs we use are not at risk of being GMO. For ingredients that are at risk, they are almost always certified organic. Certified organic ingredients and product cannot, by law, contain GMO. For any non-organic at-risk ingredients, we do our best to insure that they are GMO-free. However, our products do not currently have Non-GMO Verification or any other non-GMO certification.

      Why is there 190 proof Alcohol in your formulas?
      Alcohol is a sustainable and body-friendly extracting medium. It effectively releases the active constituents from coarse plant material. Alcohol also prevents the product from spoiling. Extracting herbs this way is an age-old technique that effectively carries the constituents into a liquid "plant soup", called a "tincture". WishGarden has developed a proprietary process that uses alcohol to maximum benefit during the extracting phase, while minimizing it in the finished product (our finished product has as much as alcohol as a ripe banana per serving!).

      I'm a recovering alcoholic. Is it safe for me to take your product? Is there any way to get rid of the alcohol?
      We do not recommend alcohol extracts for those recovering from alcohol addiction. This is to prevent even the smallest amount of alcohol from re-triggering any vulnerable addictive pathways. In this case it is not the volume, or quantity, of alcohol present that is relevant, but rather the sensitivity of the individual. We recommend that water extracts such as teas and infusions, or powdered herb (non-alcohol extracted) capsules be used. The practice of evaporating off the alcohol in hot water or tea significantly lessens, but may not completely eliminate all of the alcohol present.

      Are your products Kosher?
      While some of our ingredients are kosher, we are not a certified kosher facility. We receive raw materials from various suppliers.

      Is your glycerin sustainable?
      Yes, we take sustainability seriously. All of our organic vegetable glycerin is non-palm derived. We carefully select and test various suppliers to meet our high standards.

      Are there common allergens in your products, such as nuts, dairy, soy and corn?
      Our products are gluten and dairy free. Most of our products are also free of soy and corn. The exception would be any formulas that contain cornsilk, including Bladder Buddy, Growing Pains for Kids, and Kidney Strength. 




      Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

      What formulas can I take while breastfeeding?
      WishGarden's Pregnancy formulas are the products of choice while nursing. We suggest you consult a natural therapies practitioner before taking any other formulas.

      Is it okay to take multiple formulas while breastfeeding?
      It is okay to take more than one of the pregnancy and lactation formulas at the same time while breastfeeding. 

      Why does WishGarden use alcohol in children and pregnancy formulas?
      Using a small amount of alcohol in the Pregnancy and Children's lines was a conscious decision. It enables us to keep the strength and efficaciousness of the formula intact but is also gentle and appropriate for women and children. Extracts made with only glycerine or water limit the constituent profile. WishGarden's finished extract contains a minimal amount of alcohol, which, per serving, is at a very low dietary level (similar to what is found in kombucha and ripe bananas). You can also further reduce the alcohol content by stirring your droppers full, or pumps, into hot water or tea for a few minutes.



      About Us

      What is WishGarden's sustainability policy?
      We make herbal remedies from a love of the plants and the earth and sustainability is very important to us. As such we only source organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs. Each of our suppliers must go through an extensive screening process and meet our high standards for both sustainability and quality. We also support organizations and research projects working on promoting the continued health of medicinal plant populations, such as the AHPA-ERB Foundation's Osha Sustainability Project. We believe your health and the health of the planet are intimately connected.

      Does WishGarden have an affiliate program?
      Yes! You can sign up here.

      Does WishGarden have an influencer or ambassador program?
      Yes! You can sign up here.

      Can I buy wholesale on the website?
      No. To set up a wholesale account, please fill out the form at

      Do you offer subscriptions / Auto-Ship?
      Yes, most of our products have a subscription option. Be sure to choose the "Subscribe & Save 10%" option to subscribe.

      Can I apply discounts when I enroll to Auto-Ship or can I apply additional discounts / promotions during my enrollment?
      Yes. Most promotions, discount codes or limited time offerings can be combined with Auto-Ship Subscriptions. However, unless otherwise specified, the discount applies to the initial subscription shipment only.

      Is your Auto-Ship Subscription offering a long term obligation?
      No, you have control over how long you'd like to subscribe to WishGarden products. You also have control over how frequently you receive the products.