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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 48 reviews
      Connor Riley (Rimrock, AZ, US)
      Transformed my Postpartum

      I experienced postpartum anxiety after my first two pregnancies. For my third, I decided to take my mental health seriously and used this in conjunction with the Rebalance formula. This postpartum period has felt much more easeful and I definitely feel that Wishgarden's tinctures have helped me immensly.

      Sonya Goddy (Los Angeles, CA, US)

      works so well I keep buying when it runs out. baby is currently 3 months old

      N.B. (Woodland, CA, US)
      Very Helpful!

      The baby blues hit me really hard after my first baby and I knew it would likely happen again. I bought this hoping it would help and it definitely made it way less intense and way more manageable than the first time around. I feel like they went away days faster too. Highly recommend!

      Elese Wilk (Durham, NC, US)
      Game changer

      Bless you, Wishgarden herbs! Just caring for a baby while bleeding heavily, leaking milk and being insanely hungry is challenging enough—no mama wants crazy hormones on top of that. This stuff has helped me be so much more even keeled after our most recent baby (#8). I bought a small one then a big one after I ran out. I’m 8 weeks postpartum and might buy another just for continued support!

      Jessica (Lanham, MD, US)

      I can really tell a difference when I use this regularly! I have bad hormonal shifts right after birth and get hit hard with depression and overwhelming sadness. I highly recommend every new mom keep this handy just in case. Love the pump feature too!!

      Aimee (Aurora, CO, US)
      Every new mom should buy this!

      Best product I’ve ever tried! For me, it’s quick working and effective with those postpartum hormonal drops to help you even out.
      I started buying them for baby shower gifts because every new mom needs this!

      J. (Silver Spring, MD, US)
      It really worked for me!

      I just had my 6th baby and was feeling very depressed and emotional at about 5 days postpartum. Thankfully I ordered this and the Rebalance. I noticed a huge improvement in my overall well-being after just a few days of use. I hold it under my tongue for about 3 minutes.
      The taste is not bad in my opinion....but have a drink handy. I really like the pump style as it's convenient to take. My only regret was not purchasing this sooner! Don't wait until you need it, order this and the Rebalance ahead of time before baby arrives! Blessings to all the mama's!!

      Anna T. (St Louis, MO, US)
      Helped me through the NICU

      This tincture really helps and doesn’t taste bad at all. Helped me survive our NICU stay.

      Eleanor Thomas (Phoenix, AZ, US)
      So helpful

      Just had my 5th baby and this is my first time using the emotional support tincture and it has made such a difference in my postpartum time.

      Dannette M. (Catoosa, OK, US)
      Great product

      This is the gentle pick-me-up that I needed! My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner in my postpartum journey. It works quickly and gently. The taste is a little bitter, but not too bad once you get used to it!

      Baby Blues to soothe Postpartum Blues

      Postpartum Blues can happen for a variety of reasons, such as being sleep deprived and overwhelmed, which can lead to concern or uncertainty. This is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness and inadequacy as well as mood swings. For many women, postpartum blues will go away after a few weeks but it may last up to six months or longer in some cases. New moms turn to Baby Blues to help soothe symptoms of postpartum blues in-the-moment or taken regularly to help regulate moods and promote relaxation. The carefully selected herbs in Baby Blues -  St. John's Wort, Motherwort, Passionflower, Damiana, and Dandelion - work together to rescue your mood and ground your emotions so you can feel like yourself again!