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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Alana (Kula, HI, US)
      Feeling it works

      I am a first time mama and thanks to friends was aware of how common postpartum blues are. I ordered this tincture as a preventative measure. Im now two weeks postpartum and have had moments of crying and feeling overwhelmed, usually during the day. I take this tincture around these times and feel the ability to cope better in a short period of time.

      Felicia Driver (Nashville, TN, US)
      I take at night

      I have added this to my anxiety relief because I was dealing with severe postpartum anxiety. It does help. I take 3 droppers at night before going to bed since it is the worst at night.

      Elizabeth Wilson (Minneapolis, MN, US)
      So helpful!

      I could tell in the beginning of my postpartum experience that I needed a little extra support emotionally. There were moments when I would start to feel overwhelmed or really emotional and I would drink some of the Baby Blues Mood Remedy and within minutes feel my emotions even out enough that I could fall asleep easier or process my emotions more clearly with my husband. This has been a life saver and I’m so glad I gave it a try. Ordered two more bottles after finishing the first one!

      Annie (Eugene, OR, US)
      My Postpartum Bestie!

      I’m not sure if I can give all of the credit to this tincture or not, but I am a second time Mama who previously had intense postpartum anxiety with my first born. This second postpartum experience has been as blissful as I think they can get! I will say my birth was easier, so that might have something to do with it, but at 2 weeks postpartum when I started to feel anxious and sad this time I picked up a bottle of this tincture. I am now almost 9 weeks postpartum and continue to take a dose in the evening before bed every night. For me, nights are always when I have the most self doubt. This tincture feels like a lifesaver! I have a backup bottle in my medicine cabinet and intend to take it for a little while. A little bliss never hurt anyone, right?! I’ll also add that I am exclusively breastfeeding and I’ve not noticed any negative impacts on my supply. This will be one of my go-to gifts for baby showers going forward. :)

      Oh, and the taste….I’m not a fan, but I mix it with cranberry juice in a little shot glass and swallow it down right before my nightly piece of chocolate. It makes it much more pleasant!

      Emma De Vries (Virginia, IL, US)

      I couldn't recommend this product more! It doesn't taste too bad if you put it in some orange juice. It also works pretty quick, at least with in an hour.

      Samantha B.
      Postpartum Essential

      A Postpartum Essential. I loove this product. I have actually reordered it several times now.

      Ashley D.

      Postpartum must have. My fuse is short when postpartum, especially with my husband (oops! Haha) and this helps tremendously!! I take a dropper full 3 times a day and it has made the biggest difference in how I manage my mood swings. I would recommend to anyone postpartum.

      lynn isetts

      Made such a huge impact on my postpartum journey. Recommend for every mana


      Love their products. Really helpful for my postpartum support


      Got this for my third postpartum and it has made a huge difference. I got it two weeks after I had my baby and it helped me get through a family crisis (on top of having two young kids and a newborn) that normally I would have been a wreck over but this stuff helped balance my hormones and mood which makes everything much easier to handle. I’m on my second bottle and I think I would like this even if I wasn’t postpartum. Who doesn’t need a little hormone and mood support? :)