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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      Brenda Allen (Livingston, TN, US)
      Works well

      It starts working immediately!

      Kristi M (Ukiah, CA, US)
      Really Helps

      It took a few days but this has really balanced me out postpartum. I stopped feeling weepy within a few days.

      Hali Lightner (Davison, MI, US)
      This tincture HELPS!

      I would totally recommend & may even buy another bottle. I started taking this the day I came home from the hospital and I felt like it started helping immediately. That first day was very intense with emotions and I could tell a noticeable difference after taking it.

      Abigail Bouffard (Lebanon, PA, US)
      10 Stars!

      I will never have a baby without this tincture again. I suffered from intense postpartum depression and anxiety after my first was born. When I became pregnant seven months postpartum, I was determined to have a different experience. My wonderful midwife introduced me to Wishgarden’s tinctures (and sitz bath herbs!) and I’m so grateful she did. When I got lazy in taking my tincture or ran out before I could reorder, I began experiencing symptoms that were even worse than my first postpartum experience. This tincture drove them away after the first dose. I am so grateful for this tincture and give it to anyone I hear of who is feeling overwhelmed postpartum!

      Ivana Charmaine (Milwaukee, WI, US)
      This works!!!

      Experiencing anxiety and panicky feelings after giving birth is no fun! This stuff works! I feel much more balanced and at peace and able to enjoy my little one!

      Abby McHale (Portland, OR, US)
      Baby blues! The best.

      LOVED this tincture. It was super helpful postpartum. I went through 2 two bottles and took it every time I felt my mood shift or dip as I could feel my hormones recalibrating and it helped tremendously!

      R.B. (Sacramento, CA, US)
      An Essential for All New Mommas

      I used this product a few days postpartum and it worked within minutes. My hormonal, anxiety-driven, depressive thinking self became relaxed, present, and calm. I have gifted this to other new moms and they have found it very useful, as well.

      Olivia Frye (Loudon, NH, US)

      I'm just of 2 weeks postpartum with my 4th and I ordered this right along with the Afterease. I took this on day 5 and noticed a mood lift within 15 minutes or so.
      I'm still taking it when I need the extra help. But, I was surprised this one actually helped a bunch. I love it!

      SM (Kansas City, MO, US)
      Gave to a friend

      I bought this for a friend based on another friend's high recommendation. My friend said it has truly helped and that I definitely need to get it before my little one's arrival, which I will be doing.

      Lauren E (Renton, WA, US)
      Love it!

      I’ve been taking since giving birth and it has helped immensely - can’t recommend more.

      Baby Blues to soothe Postpartum Blues

      Postpartum Blues can happen for a variety of reasons, such as being sleep deprived and overwhelmed, which can lead to anxiety. This is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness and inadequacy as well as mood swings. For many women, postpartum blues will go away after a few weeks but it may last up to six months or longer in some cases. New moms turn to Baby Blues to help soothe symptoms of postpartum blues in-the-moment or taken regularly to help regulate moods and promote relaxation. The carefully selected herbs in Baby Blues -  St. John's Wort, Motherwort, Passionflower, Damiana, and Dandelion - work together to rescue your mood and ground your emotions so you can feel like yourself again!