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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Rosemarie Hozjan (West Chicago, IL, US)
      Lymph Mover Activation Formula

      I needed a healthier alternative to vitamins and minerals alone to help boost my immune system. I heard good reviews and as they say good news travels fast and I wanted to give it a try, as an all natural supplement I feel confident the ingredients will help strengthen what the radiation/infusions/pills will take away.

      C. (Ashburn, VA, US)
      great product!

      This product really gets the lymph system moving if you've been sick

      Elizabeth Waldie (Tulsa, OK, US)
      Use during cold season and during shingles flareups

      I have been using this and kick ass immune for 15 years. I love them both! Thus definitely gets the lymphatics moving again

      Debra Eastburn (Ephrata, PA, US)
      Huge Difference!

      I had 3 lymph nodes removed from my right arm over 10 years ago, I am a mail carrier and must spend hours casing mail each morning, as a result my right armpit frequently has a lump the size of a lime hanging out there. :( I purchased Lymph Mover before the Christmas holidays because I knew my underarm would have a lump the size of a grapefruit before the season was over. To my surprise this stuff really helped and made a big difference in moving the fluid from my armpit. My arm was not as fatigued and sore as it normally would have been. Thank you, Lymph Mover!!

      Lauren Nichols

      Lymph Mover is BADASS for my skin health! I take this formula serval times daily and it’s gentle enough for daily use. As an herbalist, I highly suggest looking into a gentle lymph mover because it’s like an oil change, except for your body instead of a car. Our lymphatic systems are structured for waste removal and the herbs are the tools helping with maintenance🌿

      Jennifer Harvey (Livermore, CO, US)
      Very helpful to reset lymph system

      I had a preventative double mastectomy with no lymph nodes removed. Therefor is was a surprise when I started to swell on my right side when I am flying. My PT and Dr. could not figure out what the issue was, the best guess is that my lymph system was blocked. This product helped me reset and has made a huge difference when I take it during travel. I do take a half dose since that it what my body needed.

      Pamela Clark (Chico, CA, US)
      Helps inflamed lymph glands

      I have used LymphMover for several years. I have had shingles in my right arm for about 25 years. This causes the lymph glands in my right arm to swell. Taking LymphMover keeps the inflamed lymph glands down and keeps them draining. Have not found a product like it!

      Mary C. (Sonoma, CA, US)

      Lymph Mover has been great for keeping swelling in my left ankle under control.
      Pleased with the product. Thank you.