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      Based on 2625 reviews

      I have noticed a really significant difference in my milk supply since using this! And the flavor isn’t too strong or unpleasant!

      Digestive Rescue GI Normalizer
      Margaret VerVelde (Lake Zurich, IL, US)
      Helps me too

      I bought digest rescue for myself. When I travel I always end up with issues. Using this product helps keep me regular when I travel.

      Digestive Rescue GI Normalizer for Kids
      Margaret VerVelde (Lake Zurich, IL, US)
      Helped my Grandspn

      My grandson has had digestive issues. I bought this for him. They have been using it and getting amazing results!

      Pregnancy Essentials Kit with Gift Box
      Courtney (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US)

      I learned about WishGarden during my first pregnancy (After Ease) and I’m incredibly happy I found them. The Pregnancy Essentials Kit has been helpful as a I’m one to lean more natural and I’ve been trying to venture away from over the counter antihistamines which can cause long term side affects to the liver. And melatonin because it’s recommended not to use.

      I will continue to use throughout my second and beyond.

      Sleepy Nights & Fresh Mornings
      Sarah Jones (Tampa, FL, US)
      My go to sleep aid

      I have been using Sleepy Nights for a while now and I won't use anything else. I get the best sleep ever without feeling groggy the next morning. I can also skip a few nights so it isn't habit forming and I find there is no tolerance build up. So I am not taking more than I need to. Highly recommend!

      Peaceful Protector Hand Purifier
      Holly (Rochester, NY, US)
      Perfect for in the diaper bag

      I added this last minute before a trip to my diaper bag & I’m so glad I did! There were several times when I wasn’t near a facility to wash my hands and I was able to still clean my hands with this! It has a really nice fragrance and you only need a couple sprays to get a good amount on your hands. It’s perfect for little hands too. And it doesn’t have that yucky taste if you eat after using it that many other hand sanitizers have. Really like this and will order more to have continually in my purse & diaper bag!

      Genius Juice Cognitive Aid
      Julieta Riesco (Springfield, IL, US)
      Genius juice

      I bumped into Genius Juice while researching an herb for my husband who had an upcoming surgery. I bought it started using it and started to receive unsolicited compliments from my hubby, "wow have you noticed how much better your memory is?"
      I thought it was just me-

      Happy Ducts Free the Flow
      Tori (Phoenix, AZ, US)
      Highly Recommend

      Given to me by my midwife 1 what a great product! I have used Milk Rich in years past, and really appreciate the benefits of incorporating Happy ducts, too. Thanks, WishGarden!

      Serious Cough Soothing & Quieting
      F.M. (New York, NY, US)
      Wonderful products, wish they were alcohol-free

      All 3 serious cough formulations (along with deep lung) are must-haves in any home medicine chest. Truly seem to work on a deep level to help quiet coughs and boost healing. However, I sometimes find they are harsh and hurt my stomach quite a bit; especially as the directions state to use frequently during acute illness phase.
      And for those who avoid alcohol (which isn’t recommended during illness anyway) it would be great to have a non-alcohol option.

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      Bruce Benge (Grand Junction, CO, US)
      Really reflects its name

      Kick- Ass allergy tincture is definitely one of the better products on the market to get a handle on the sniffles and runny nose symptoms, usually see some relief in about 10 minutes.

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Mabbott (Sebastopol, CA, US)
      Good stuff

      Using this formula with Serious Cough has been really helpful in resolving a lingering cough. Tastes fine too. Good stuff!

      Genius Juice Cognitive Aid
      S. Washington (Oakland, CA, US)
      Seems helpful

      I have ditched my years-long use of a tincture from a different company and switched to this formula as it seems to work just as well AND is more affordable (at least when purchase larger bottle). Good product.

      Urinary Strength Active Support
      Genny (Seattle, WA, US)
      I love this product!

      I have chronic urinary issues and I have found this product to be very helpful. I take it whenever I have a flare up. I highly recommend it for maintenance purposes after a flare for a week or two. I usually take it once a day for maintenance and 3 times a day after a flare. I have used it for many years! I keep it in stock!

      Attention Ally Focus Friend for Kids
      Danielle T. (Silver Spring, MD, US)
      Noticed a difference!

      My kids didn't have a problem with the flavor, which is a huge win. I have noticed a difference in their behavior after using it. I am a fan!

      S.Y. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
      Cool as a cucumber

      I have had ashwagandha on subscription for almost a year now and for very good reason!! I work a stressful job in a cancer lab and wow this product makes a world of difference in my response to stressful situations in my day to day work life. It’s my secret weapon to staying cool as a cucumber! I also give it to my boyfriend sometimes as he can be a ball of nerves before traveling! 100000/10 would recommend. Bonus-I think it even tastes great in my morning water!!

      Great carrier oil

      I use this oil all the time to carry the essential oils that I’m using. I use it mostly with oils to stop pain because of arthritis and it really helps in the pain control.

      Kick-It Cough Soothing & Quieting For Kids
      Kd Freeman (Imlay City, MI, US)
      Great tincture!

      My daughters had a nasty residual cough from an cold and this helped soothe it so they could sleep at night.

      Digestive Rescue GI Normalizer
      Shelly (Livingston, TX, US)
      Excellent for stress related gastroenteritis

      I always make sure I have digestive rescue on hand, it's a great product that calms and restores balance to my stressful tummy. I take six to eight pumps two to three rimes a day when upset and taper off; a few days and I feel so much better.

      Postpartum Emotional Baby Blues
      Kara (Elk River, MN, US)
      Emotional Stability

      I feel more stable postpartum with my 3rd baby than I did with my other 2 and I think this is to thank!

      Kick-Ass Throat Spray
      Hope Hernandez (Boise, ID, US)
      Helped Chronic Tickle

      This has really helped the chronic tickle in my throat. I could not get rid of it until I started using this spray. Now whenever the tickle comes back I just spray a few times in my mouth and wait for the soothing feeling. It's convenient too.

      Serious Relaxer & Muscle Tension
      Taylor (Aurora, CO, US)
      Really works

      My husband and I love this. He is trying to cut back on drinking so it’s nice to take this some evenings instead. It definitely feels relaxing.

      Sleepy Nights & Fresh Mornings For Kids
      Deanna Moore (Richland Center, WI, US)
      Tried for night terrors

      My son is 4 years old and we’ve been dealing with night terrors for about a year and a half. We tried this, and it has reduced his terrors by at least 80%
      Super happy about it!

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      S. Portico Bowman (Kansas City, MO, US)
      This Works: MAGIC

      Thank you Wishgarden for doing what nothing else could. If this hadn’t helped I think the hospital was my only option, and that’s not an option I wanted. The osha is for sure one of the super powers. Thank you for knowing what to do and how to do it well. Deeply grateful!

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Wendy Mixell (Moberly, MO, US)
      Greatest help for COPD!

      Wow, so happy we found Deep lung and Kick ass allergy tincture ! Husbands breathing is better as he uses these products! Thank you Wishing Garden Herbs for great products and being very consistent in the quality!

      Karen H. (Victorville, CA, US)
      Good Stress Reliever

      I tried this at night due to the fact that my body reacts in different ways to traditional and holistic medicine. I need to go slowly. I was going through a stressful time with my husband on a health issues. The healthcare system is not helpful. This product helped and I slept very well. A little sluggish the next day, although I just took short naps. I will be using this when needed, although not during the day time and when I know I have nothing to do the next day. It works, try it!