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      Based on 2171 reviews
      Great Combo!

      I am thrilled with the results! I take this remedy in warm water as a tea am and pm with lymph mover. I have been able to get rid of a sinus infection that has lingered since allergy season. I appreciate the immune support without throwing my system of whack. I have relied on Wish Garden Herbs for over 30 years to deliver the best in herbal remedies for me and my family.

      Lymph Mover Activation Formula
      Lynn Dee (Denver, CO, US)
      Reliable Little Remedy!

      I love this gentle lymph clean up. I think it has helped me to avoid illness due to how well it works. I have enjoyed using it for years! If I notice congestion in my sinuses, feel headachy or stiffness in my body, I take it as a signal to get started with Lymph Mover and the relief is evident immediately. Of course uping hydration, physical movement and eating light is a given in moving stagnation, but this little gem is the catalyst to feeling fit and enjoying wellness!

      Thank god this exists

      With a constantly sick toddler I am taking this diligently and so far - no colds on my end!

      Morning Sickness Nausea Relief
      JN (Oakland, CA, US)
      Goes down easy

      My nausea was beyond this tinctures repair but I took it diligently knowing I was giving my body what it needs and it tastes great!

      Kathy (Fort Wayne, IN, US)
      Goodbye aches and pains

      I had never taken turmeric before, but it had been on my radar for a long time. Now that I've been through one bottle and have started the next one, I'm so glad I did. Like every product I've tried from WishGarden, the quality and effectiveness of Turmeric is top-notch and I wonder if I'll be taking it for life. It makes me feel like I have the upper hand on aches and pains in my joints, plus I believe it's having a positive impact on inflammation throughout my body. For someone with a weakness in my liver that makes detoxing more challenging, I'm grateful to have a way to manage the resulting inflammation that is a daily issue for me. This is good stuff.

      Tart Cherry
      Judy A. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
      Surprisingly great!

      I saw this on the website and thought I would give it a try-Wow- the Tart Cherry is terrific. I do not take any sleeping aids, but felt I needed a little help. I take it before bed, and I really feel that it has helped with my sleep and some of the muscle aches I have been having. There is no drowsiness in the morning. And it really does taste great. I have not been using it long enough to comment on the immune help. I will reorder the Tart Cherry- especially now that my husband is using it as well! Stay healthy:)

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      Sonia Leyba (Albuquerque, NM, US)
      Great product

      We keep this product on hand mostly at all times and am so impressed with the integrity and effectiveness of all the herbs by this company. Whatever you're going through, I believe there's a remedy in the formulas offered.

      Hot Flash Tamer Daily Regulator
      Jennifer Braun (Arcadia, CA, US)
      amazed what a difference it is making

      I started taking the Hot Flash Tamer about 10 days ago after a friend recommended the website for Wishgarden Herbs. I would typically have 4-5 hot flashes a night. They would always wake me up. For the past week, I have slept straight through the night with zero hot flashes. I'm truly amazed! I still get one or two hot flashes during the day but that is a huge improvement from before I started taking the Hot Flash Tamer. I'll be ordering more!

      Clear Complexion Blemish Buster
      Marissa V (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
      Recommended by esthetician

      This was recommended to me for some jawline acne that I was having difficulty remedying. I added the tincture as part of some new daily routines to help care for this issue and I certainly have seen improvement! Not sure if this is directly connected, but I am going to reorder for sure :)

      lb (Rock Springs, WY, US)
      It works great

      There has been a lot of sickness going around my work. It has mostly affected the lungs. Angelica has been an amazing tonic in helping relieve the distress. This is the 1st time I purchased Angelica, but I will definitely buy more!

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      TH (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
      Excellent supplement!

      Excellent supplement for your lungs during the winter months!

      Fertility Prep Conception Support
      Hailey mclaury (Denver, CO, US)

      My periods have been pretty painful lately got this started taking next period was pain free not pregnant yet but hopeful that this will help.

      Lisa C (Orlando, FL, US)
      Like this product

      We're still trying it out, but, like it so far. Would like to see it in the 8 oz size.

      Read instructions prior, runs out fast.

      I mistakenly imagined this would be something I could keep on my nightstand and spray once into my mouth upon an unwanted awakening in the middle of the night and then drop my head back onto the pillow.
      The instructions actually were to add 8 pumps into a cup with a small amount of water. Not only is eating through the 2oz bottle much faster than I expected, but it makes me wake up/turn on a light to pour fresh water and count 8 sprays making sure I'm aiming correctly into the cup.
      Next time, I'll adjust my expectations for use, and order the larger bottle. I tried using fewer sprays, but I did need the full dose to help consistently. This isn't designed to knock you out mid-day or after an ice cream sundae, but if you've "done everything right" for successful sleep and you still find yourself unable to fall asleep, this has helped me.

      Quiet Time Calm & Center For Kids
      Jeanie Silver (Miami, FL, US)
      Subtle but strong

      This herbal tincture is nice and subtle but it’s strong and gets the job done. I use it for myself and I’m in my mid-30s. I’m sensitive so I don’t like too much. The children’s dosage works for me. I also really enjoy taking this for my anxiety and it helps me to calm down after a stressful day. It helps me with sleep. It’s part of nighttime routine now. Thank you Wishgarden Herbs!

      Hot Flash Tamer Daily Regulator
      Sharon Washington (New Orleans, LA, US)
      Diminished My Hot Flashes

      Using this product has greatly diminished my hot flashes. They are no longer as intense as they were previously.

      Serious Relaxer & Muscle Tension
      Cameron (San Rafael, CA, US)
      It works!

      My muscles feel relaxed after I take this

      Serious Relaxer & Muscle Tension
      Deanelle Winner (Avon, NC, US)
      I am in the trial stage, but I must say there is great promise.

      Like so many people I have tried most conventional ways of trying to calm down flare ups of chronic pain. Chronic pain has many names. Since it is never alleviated I test by using a product or service for period of time. Then I stop and see if worse pain returns.

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Regina Watkins (Tucson, AZ, US)
      Great for allergy season

      I've been purchasing WishGardens Deep Lung & Bronchial Support for my allergy/asthma symptoms for the past 5 years.It works really well to keep me breathing deep and not needing to use the Nebulizer. I love that it's a natural herbal remedy versus pharmaceuticals.

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Shelly (Priest River, ID, US)
      Works great

      I purchased this for my grandparents who were both sick with a terrible cough and breathing difficulties. This along with Get Over It, really did the trick to get them recovered quickly.

      Liquid Bliss Peace, Heart & Tranquility
      Amanda DelRosario (Waialua, HI, US)
      I was cynical but…

      I really did feel an improvement from my grouchier days or when I was feeling worried or overwhelmed. I take this when I am having negative bias moments or pessimistic outlook on something and I feel a bit of that somber weight lift off of me. Will be getting more to continue experimenting with it!

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      Customer (Billings, MT, US)
      Great product

      First line of defense. If I’m around someone who’s sick, or at the very beginning of feeling icky, this is always my go to and I get very quick recovery if I’m feeling yucky and take it right away. …and don’t get sick if I’m around someone who is. I always have it on hand!

      Respiratory Tonic

      This product is safeguarding my lungs and helping with my shortness of breath. Very satisfied.

      Respiratory Tonic For Resistance & Strength
      Ann Griffin (Lafayette, CO, US)
      Deep Lung

      I am using Deep Lung to safeguard my lungs and to keep my airways open. Very Satisfied.

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      William Gallaway (Albuquerque, NM, US)
      congestion relief

      This works, iI have a paralyzed Larynx and THIS helps.