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      Based on 1523 reviews
      Detox Cleanse Tune-Up Tonic
      Nancy Plotkin (Moorpark, CA, US)
      Effective yet gentle

      I used this for a 30 day detox. I felt great. No digestive issues or gut irritation. The ingredients support liver tonic and detoxing.

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      Robbyn Gustad (Denver, CO, US)
      Love it so far

      After being sick for such a long time this winter I decided to give this a try. Been taking it when someone else in the house starts getting sick. Taste doesn’t bother me much as I have taken tinctures before. Will update this review as the season comes to a close.

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      Michelle F (San Francisco, CA, US)
      Kicked my sore throats A**

      Took this for one day and it made my sore throat that was starting go away. I'm a fan.

      Goat's Rue Lactation Aid
      Michelle F (San Francisco, CA, US)
      Great Product

      I take this twice a day alongside my other routines and it definitely helps with my milk supply. I was dropping a bit around the 3 month mark and now I'm back to a steady supply. Ordering more!

      Stress Release For Pregnancy
      Lauren K (Denver, CO, US)
      Works Well, Bad Taste

      I definitely recommend taking this tincture in tea. If I put it in pure water, I find myself trying to not drink it at all. Helpful for stress

      Deep Stress Adrenal Rescue with Ashwagandha
      Brianna Moore (Dallas, TX, US)
      Soooo Gooood

      Deep stress really takes the edge off when life is boggling! I love it mixed with Liquid bliss in the middle of the day. Deep stress and long car rides with the kiddos and school events! Deep stress for family functions, and long office meetings! Deep stress anytime to decompress!!!!

      Liquid Bliss Peace, Heart & Tranquility
      Brianna Moore (Dallas, TX, US)
      Liquid Bliss is Everything!

      No matter what the occasion liquid bliss will provide you with healthy natural “rose colored glasses” !!! That heart warming makes it so that others are so kind even when it seems like they do not want to be. I am more patient and more kind! I use two bottles a week when work is busy!!! ;-D

      Kick-it Immune For Kids
      Rosie Torres (Corona, CA, US)
      A winter must have!!!

      My kids were getting sick all the time, I started using daily inmune for kids and they have not gotten sick since, I love this products, and the best of all they are natural.

      Elderberry Syrup for Kids
      Farai Harreld (Topeka, KS, US)
      Gets the job done

      yummy, chock full of good herbs. perfect for my little family.

      Immune Boost For Pregnancy
      Haley Benzon (Salt Lake City, UT, US)

      Both my husband and 4 year old son got sick. I religiously took this and never got sick!

      Oh Baby! Oil
      Sierra C (Denver, CO, US)

      One of the only baby products I will use on my kids. Non toxic, wonderful, simple ingredients.

      Very Effective

      I can already tell that my kidneys are back on track!

      Rise & Energize Daily Energy Boost
      Andrea Sandvik (Spokane, WA, US)
      Feeling peppy again

      Remember when as a kid you would like to run to the swing set at school and hang by your knees? Well, I am not quite there yet but I can see myself doing it- maybe :^ )

      But I can feel the energy going through me and feel the energy! I think I really like this Rise & Shine Energy Boost.

      Has helped my headaches tremendously!

      I purchased this because I wanted to reduce my overall stress and support my adrenals, and I was pleasantly shocked at how much it has helped my daily cluster headaches! I can feel my stress settle after I take it and I feel much more calm during the day in general. I also take it when I feel a headache coming on and it has lessened the intensity and duration of my headaches a lot! I am so thankful for this product. Wish garden has never let me down!

      Deep Recovery Muscular & Skeletal
      Nelle (Seattle, WA, US)
      Great stuff

      I recently started a strength training program which makes my muscles very sore and gives me neck and back pain. This tincture helps relax my muscles and relieves the pain. I need to buy more!

      Thumbs up

      Good stuff

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      patricia andrews (Roseville, CA, US)
      this works

      I recommend this product to all my friends!! It really does kick ass!

      Happy Ducts Lactation Support
      Kaylee (Homeland, CA, US)
      Good stuff!

      Good help for clogged ducts!

      Serious Cough Soothing & Quieting
      Danite Covington (Phelan, CA, US)
      Works great

      I’ve used this for over 10 yrs. I’ve not needed narcotic prescription cough medicine since I started using it. Just wish it was still sold in the larger bottle like before

      Milk Rich With Goat's Rue
      Carolina Sanchez (Bogotá, DC, CO)
      Great lactation support!

      I don't have enough words to thank you, my breastfeeding hasn't been easy but your products have done so much for me and my baby.

      Sleepy Nights & Fresh Mornings
      Lida Evans (Portland, OR, US)

      Helps me sleep

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      Lida Evans (Portland, OR, US)

      Always works

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      Brittany Robinson (Troy, OH, US)
      It works!

      My husband has struggled with allergies for years and he’s been trying to get away from using over the counter medication. I ordered this for him to try and he is ready for me to order more! Nothing has worked better!

      Digestive Rescue GI Normalizer
      R. S. (Asheville, NC, US)

      Relieves gas pain almost immediately.

      It works!

      I’ve been using for few weeks, every time I use this product, I see the results. The taste is bad, but it’s effective.