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      Based on 2439 reviews
      Immune Boost Seasonal Rescue for Pregnancy
      Court H. (Yerington, NV, US)
      Great product, small serving size

      This product kicked my cold in the butt. My issue is that there’s only 20ish servings in a $25 bottle. That was my bad for not paying attention. Good product but not sure I’d purchase again based on my budget.

      Respiratory Strength Daily Support
      Richard Hastie (Portola, CA, US)
      Spring rescue

      Live in the mountains where spring brings allergies and pollen. This is my go to. Just add it to my supplement drink. It works. I keep 3 or 4 of wish garden products on my shelf.

      Emotional Ally: A Big Herbal Hug
      Alexandra Vargas (Cumming, GA, US)
      Magic in a bottle

      I'm 8 month postpartum and purchased this because I've been struggling with near debilitating/polarizing mood swings. I would have emotional outbursts and felt so bad for feeling like I couldn't get a handle on them.

      I started taking this every morning mixing it in my morning greens juice and noticed by 3 weeks of regular use my mood during the day was stable and I wasn't having swings or outbursts at random times anymore. Really thankful I found this.

      Daily Immune Builder
      Alexandra Vargas (Cumming, GA, US)
      I swear by this stuff

      I came across this Immune supplement in my local health foods store and decided to try. I used it everyday and felt great, but didn't pay attention to how much I had left and ended up running out. It took me too long to repurchase (life with 3 kids am I right?) and ended up ordering it online. No joke, I came down with a cold the week after I ran out. Once I got back on it my cold symptoms cleared cleared up in just a few days. I mix it with my morning greens and have it on auto ship now 😅

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      Bruce Benge (Grand Junction, CO, US)
      Felt better within a few minutes

      Kick Ass worked quick to give me relief from a slight runny allergy nose

      Cycle Changes Peri/Menopause
      D Smith (Cedar Rapids, IA, US)
      I notice some improvement

      Easy to take. I think it did help. I need to re order

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      V.M. (Oakland, CA, US)

      I have tried a lot of allergy products and this stuff works, definitely provides relief from allergies. Will keep purchasing.

      Tart Cherry
      joanne (Sequim, WA, US)

      helps ease sore muscles and get a good night's sleep. this is an amazing company! thank you.

      Serious Relaxer & Muscle Tension
      B.V. (Pigeon Forge, TN, US)

      Don't waste your time or money...Does NOT work at all.. very bad taste...

      Growing Pains Ache Away For Kids
      T (Northfield, MA, US)

      We started using this is with my 3 year old who was having growing pains at night. We give it to her before bed, and it works like a charm. Very grateful.

      Get Over It! Immune Recovery
      NDF (Detroit, MI, US)
      Get Over It Works

      My family and I have a bunch of the Wishgarden Immune Supports. We use them all but we feel like Get Over It is the best. We will never be without it just in case we feel even the slight bit under the weather. You take this and you are better so quickly.

      Serious Relaxer & Muscle Tension
      L. (Melbourne, FL, US)

      Lives up to its name. I mean it is seriously relaxing. I use it to help me sleep through the night and I find it more effective than the sleepy nights. I'm not in any kind of pain, but do have a lot of tension.

      ReBalance After Birth Hormonal
      Krystal Johnston (Ottawa, IL, US)
      Great for after baby

      Helped me feel more like my self during the post baby phase.

      Kick-Ass Allergy & Sinus Soother
      Slver (Everett, WA, US)
      Grat relief

      My husband has lung sensitivities and stickiness. Kick-Ass Allergy and Sinus provides him with relief

      Tart Cherry
      Rick F. (Portland, OR, US)
      Cherry best

      Love tart cherry I use it every night helps me relax and fall asleep works good.

      Sleepy Nights & Fresh Mornings for Pregnancy
      Ashlee Wagoner (Denver, CO, US)

      Worked like a charm! I haven’t been sleeping well during my pregnancy and this has been saving me.

      One squirt and you are on the road to breathing better.

      Good stuff! Might be a bit too earthy tasting for some folks but it is tolerable and does help to break up the cough you have.

      Serious V-Fighter Immune Force
      Genny (Spokane, WA, US)
      Goldenseal Works!

      We rely on your V Fighter and Kick-Ass for their goldenseal combos. College granddaughter and her friends travel with it. Annyal holiday gifts!!

      Kick-Ass Sinus Move & Soothe
      Anna H (Roebuck, SC, US)
      Love all their products!

      Really love all the products that I have bought so far from wishgarden! I highly recommend them to all my family & friends!

      AfterBirth Sitzbath New Mother's Healing Respite
      Kathrina, Rekindled bodywork (Fort Worth, TX, US)
      Relieves pain postpartum!!!

      I enjoyed healing support and pain relief (minor tearing) in a strong bath, as well as a strong tea in a peri bottle.
      An experienced midwife recommended making “burritos” by wrapped the steeped herbs (tea reserved for bath) in cheese cloth. Store these in the freezer and let thaw a bit then add to underwear over a pad for wonderful pain relief and healing support.

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Ronald Mercer (Austin, TX, US)
      Deep lung

      This has been very good for me. I have shortness of breath and this treatment helps loosen my lungs. The wishgarden products have more than lived up to everything said. The delivery is prompt and without issues. I strongly approve of everything they stand for as a green company.

      Kick-Ass Biotic Immune Force
      Tim Datta (Saint Ignatius, MT, US)
      Thumbs Up

      Great medicine! Works everytime!

      Kick-Ass Heroes 3-Pack
      Cristie Coffing (DuPont, WA, US)
      Great products!

      I love Wish garden products!

      ReBalance After Birth Hormonal
      Rachel (Surprise, AZ, US)
      Thankful for this product

      I started using this product when I was about 6 weeks postpartum with my second child. It was a game changer for me! I wish I had it with my first. Not only did it help with my emotional state from a hormone balancing perspective, but also some skin issues (acne) that I’ve been having postpartum, that I believe are related to my hormones being all over the place. It didn’t clear my acne, but I didn’t expect it to, I’m just so thankful it’s helped (in many ways).