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      Based on 1259 reviews
      WombKind Hormone Tonic
      Wolfie Robinson (Nashville, TN, US)
      New favorite product!

      My body was having a hard time releasing excess estrogen. After a few days of using wombkind I noticed the excess estrogen side effects that I’d been dealing with for 6+ months fade away. A month and a half later all of those symptoms are gone and I’m feeling balanced!

      Genius Juice Refresh & Focus
      Sydney Yudelson (Phoenix, AZ, US)

      I work in an oncology tumor lab and this stuff keeps me focused through long draining shifts. 10/10 would recommend to anyone to likes to use their brain (:

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Niki B (Eustis, FL, US)
      It works!

      Will buy again!

      Deep Stress Adrenal Rescue!
      Elizabeth (St. Petersburg, FL, US)
      Love this

      Recently used this during a very stressful travel journey and it helped me cope. I used it so much I actually ran out of the travel size I brought with me. I will always keep it on hand.

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Morgan K (Milwaukee, WI, US)

      I keep this tincture on hand at all times! My son struggles to clear the junk from his chest after colds and he can cough for weeks trying to shift the phlegm. Once I found this tincture I make sure we never run out. I dilute his dose in a little juice and he always comments on how his chest feels better after a dose or two. I recommend this one to everyone!!

      Deep Stress Adrenal Rescue!
      Cynthia Epps (Santa Monica, CA, US)
      Better than drug therapy!

      This is my new go-to in my medicine chest for the upcoming fall and winter. I am so grateful for your products!

      Emotional Ally Anxiety & Duress Aid
      Cynthia Epps (Santa Monica, CA, US)
      Excellent herbal remedy

      The mastery of ancient herbal wisdom is something to be appreciated anew. Products that actually support healing are much needed at this time. Thank you!

      Genius Juice Refresh & Focus
      Jennifer N. (Rockford, MI, US)
      Excellent Source for Natural Healing!

      I recently ordered 6 different products from Wishgarden and have found improvement in energy, focus, immunity and allergy response. I'll be a customer for life! Thank you Wishgarden.

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Wes Orser (Beaverton, OR, US)
      This stuff WORKS !!!

      Since we discovered this formulation, we have made sure to have some on hand. When allergy season hits, or congestion troubles us, it is wonderful to have something that really helps.

      Kick-It Allergy For Pregnancy
      T Scott (Minneapolis, MN, US)

      Amazing product. Helps every time! We went to a lake cabin this summer (camp type cabin), started feeling congested. I took 2 doses of this, and felt great for the rest of the trip! Thank you for creating such a great product!

      Stress Release For Pregnancy
      Heather Salvia (Lynchburg, VA, US)
      Helps with stress

      When I feel myself getting really worked up I take this. Not a huge fan of the taste but it's medicinal to me and I can handle a little strong taste. I look forward to using it post partum!

      Immune Boost For Pregnancy
      Heather Salvia (Lynchburg, VA, US)
      Awesome herbs

      Great herbs used in this tincture. I want to buy the bigger size to get more use out of it but glad it's safe for pregnancy!

      Happy Ducts Lactation Support
      anna (Santa Cruz, CA, US)

      this helped clear multiple clogged ducts within a couple days paired with probiotics and sunflower lethecin! soooo grateful for this product! Wish they made a larger size!

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      Vickie Heather (Cornucopia, WI, US)
      My Best Allergy Med

      This allergy med is so much easier on me than the pharmaceutical options.

      Arnica Oil with St. John's Wort
      Kelli Enlow (Dallas, TX, US)
      Wonderful Quality Arnica with St John's Wort

      I have ordered 3 bottles of this great product. I rub it on my arms, chest and hands as they are more prone to bruising and have years of sun damage. This oil help the feel and look of my arms greatly! I also purchased 2 bottles for my brother in law who has arms that bruise also. He loves it!

      Kick-Ass Daily Immune With Elderberry & Astragalus
      Janice McCorkle (Santa Cruz, CA, US)
      Noticeable improvement

      I bought for my husband to help with his allergies, and all around health. I observed a noticeable improvement in his allergies which can flair up bad.
      Off to order more.

      Sleepy Nights For Pregnancy
      mrsdsmith33 (Seattle, WA, US)
      Highly Recommend

      I’ve purchased multiple bottles already as this tincture helps to settle my mind and relax me. Definitely helps aid in putting me to sleep.

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      HerbieEQ (Sacramento, CA, US)
      Excellent Immune Booster

      An excellent formula to boost the immune system. Very effective

      Baby Blues Mood Remedy
      Brianna Mocan (Arlington, WA, US)

      This certainly helps. I found it best to take it with a couple ounces of water and then another beverage to wash away the flavor.

      Kick-It Allergy For Pregnancy
      Saeedah Ali (Norristown, PA, US)

      Nice to know I can take something natural for my pregnancy congestion. I think it helped me but it does go quickly! Wish they made a bigger bottle. The taste is not bad. I add it to a shot glass worth of OJ but have also taken it on its own.

      Respiratory Tonic For Resistance & Strength
      Kellie B (Ellensburg, WA, US)
      So happy

      To have finally found relief for my breathing. I use this in addition to deep lung.

      Fertility Prep Mother's Cordial
      Customer (Atlanta, GA, US)

      I am trying to get pregnant so trying this out. It is helping me feel better overall. Hoping to get the good news soon! I’ll update if I do.

      Stress Release For Pregnancy
      Lyssa Marie (Brigham City, UT, US)
      Love it!

      This is the second time I've purchased this product and it really is amazing, I take it every single day! If you're wondering if you should buy, don't hesitate 🥰

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      Melissa B (Santa Fe, NM, US)
      Seems to help

      Adding Kick Ass allergy to the over the counter allergy nasal spray I use has helped lessen my seasonal allergy symptoms.

      Kick-Ass Biotic Seriously Heroic
      Jeanette Lundgren (Eugene, OR, US)

      I use this daily, along with a few other items (Allergy, Sinus and Tree Country) to help my immune system. So far, so good!