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      Based on 1001 reviews
      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      Eugene S (Seattle, WA, US)
      Finally found a tincture that soothes my years-long chronic cough!

      While this hasn't cured my chronic cough, it soothes my cough within seconds after taking 6 or 7 pumps. My lungs relax and in-breaths stop triggering the next cough. I really appreciate that WishGardem gives a discount to seniors and an additional discount for a subscription with options for 30, 60 or 90 days.
      Thanks WishGarden!
      p.s. I love the taste, but to each their own :-)

      Serious Relaxer & Muscle Tension
      Lilia Banales (Downey, CA, US)
      Not happy

      Did not like it,

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      Taylor Moore (Des Moines, IA, US)
      Natural allergy relief

      I really can't say enough good things about this product. I will say there is a slight smell to this tincture but no taste. I put about a half a dropper in a big glass of water 3-4 times a day. I will also add a full dropper to a smoothie! This stuff truly works. I have absolutely horrible seasonal allergies and usually spend my summer months pretty miserable. So far this year, after taking this for 2 months, I have had almost no issues. My allergies are the worst in the morning, and all I've suffered are a few sneezes. Usually I am using a box of Kleenex by noon! I have always wanted to find a natural allergy relief, and I finally did. Thanks Wishgarden :D I was a non-believer that anything natural existed for allergy relief before I found this.

      AfterEase After Birth Contractions
      Abigail Bouffard (Lebanon, PA, US)
      More Effective Than Ibuprofen

      I know, I know, I’m not supposed to make claims like that, but this stuff WORKS! I found ibuprofen to be ineffective after my birth but this stuff did the trick! I hereby join my midwife and a long line of other women who vow “I will not have another pregnancy without this tincture!” It has become a staple baby shower gift!

      Baby Blues Mood Remedy
      Abigail Bouffard (Lebanon, PA, US)
      10 Stars!

      I will never have a baby without this tincture again. I suffered from intense postpartum depression and anxiety after my first was born. When I became pregnant seven months postpartum, I was determined to have a different experience. My wonderful midwife introduced me to Wishgarden’s tinctures (and sitz bath herbs!) and I’m so grateful she did. When I got lazy in taking my tincture or ran out before I could reorder, I began experiencing symptoms that were even worse than my first postpartum experience. This tincture drove them away after the first dose. I am so grateful for this tincture and give it to anyone I hear of who is feeling overwhelmed postpartum!

      Stress Release For Pregnancy
      Abigail Bouffard (Lebanon, PA, US)

      I can feel this tincture begin working within half an hour of taking it. It has been such a vital part of my new life with two under 18 months! This is a staple in all my baby shower gifts.

      Kick-Ass Biotic Seriously Heroic
      Kristin Dow (Evanston, IL, US)
      Works almost every time!

      As long as I stay on top of taking this consistently, it works like a charm! My kids are constantly getting sick and this helps me stay healthy so I can parent them during the rough times!

      Kick-It Allergy For Pregnancy
      Kelsie Woodford (Dillsburg, PA, US)
      Awesome stuff!

      This has been such a life savor for my allergies while pregnant. It helps with both my grass and pollen allergies. Works right away!

      Sleepy Nights & Fresh Mornings
      Katie Larson (Minneapolis, MN, US)
      Sleepy Nights & Fresh Mornings

      It seems just as effective as over-the-counter melatonin tablets. Which is good, because I can't use melatonin too often if I don't want to risk it losing effectiveness. So this works as a safe alternative. The taste is okay and kind of relaxing. The pump was also easy to use. I really liked that I didn't have to drink a big cup like with most water additives. This was great to use and I liked the results, so I'm going to get it again.

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      JJ (Silver Spring, MD, US)
      Great! Helps

      Helps and effective

      Deep Lung & Bronchial Support
      James Schumaker (Denver, CO, US)

      Very good

      Huge help

      I could feel a cold or sinus infection coming on and started using this. I've never felt better faster. This really boosted my immune system and kept me from being down for days.

      Hot Flash! Soothing Tonic
      Robin Shivery (Denver, CO, US)
      Help for hot flashes

      This immediately made a difference. Decreased my hot flashes in just a day or two.

      Kick-It Allergy For Kids
      Marie Doty (Knoxville, TN, US)
      It works!

      This was really great when my kids were both having a severe allergy attacks in the spring. Their long term stuff wasn't working.

      Kick-It Allergy For Kids
      Victoria Villarreal (Austin, TX, US)

      Amazing!! We loved it. We saw a difference right away!!

      Cranial Comfort
      Stephanie Staves (Seattle, WA, US)
      Works like MAGIC

      I tend to hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and I notice an immediate relief after taking this. On top of that, the taste is absolutely delightful. Heavenly! You really can experience what lavendar tastes like and it's beyond compare. Thank you Wish Garden Herbs!

      Good stuff

      I've had a cough for 2 and a half years; seems like it's chronic rhinitus which causes my throat to tickle & the urge to cough. Allergy pills just haven't cut it for me. This cough syrup has definitely quieted the cough as well as the frequency. I'm going to be trying some other Wishful Garden products because I'm so impressed with this one.

      Kick-Ass Immune Activator
      Gayle Williams (Chagrin Falls, OH, US)
      Great Product

      I have used this product for quite a few years and found it to be very helpful. I have taken it when I felt like I was coming down with something and managed to ward off whatever virus was trying to take over. I have sent it to my adult children along with other supplements that Wish Garden makes.

      Stress Release For Pregnancy
      B Smith (Eagle, ID, US)
      This really works.

      Prior to pregnancy, I was taking a great adaptogenic herbal blend that was helping with anxiety and some depression, but I had to stop it when I found out we were expecting. After suffering through most of my first trimester, one day I realized that my anxiety was causing SO many other issues like shortness of breath, rising BP, poor sleep, mood swings, etc. Plus, we're in a season of life that is just kind of hectic and stressful. I have loved other Wishgarden products so tried this Stress Release. It worked SO well. I sometimes take 3 droppers, but even just 2 works great. I find it calms and kind of stabilizes me for the rest of the day. My BP normalizes. I can breathe better. It's such an answer to prayer.

      Desert Winds Allergy & Sinus
      Kenneth Cykala (Silver City, NM, US)
      Seems to be working!

      Great customer service. The product seems to be working, I have not been on it very long. Will give updates as I continue to use the product.

      Sleepy Nights & Fresh Mornings
      Joyce (Washougal, WA, US)
      Love this

      So great to finally be getting a good nights sleep again!

      Sleepy Nights For Pregnancy
      Kay F. (Fall River, MA, US)
      Didn't work for me

      Didn't work for me.

      Gum Strength Oral Health Aid
      Crystal Hurndon (Las Cruces, NM, US)
      Remedy for Bleeding Gums

      The taste of this herbal is great. I experienced significant results within the first week of use. Also brightens my teeth. A good investment and I will continue to use it to improve my gum health.

      Baby Blues Mood Remedy
      Ivana Charmaine (Milwaukee, WI, US)
      This works!!!

      Experiencing anxiety and panicky feelings after giving birth is no fun! This stuff works! I feel much more balanced and at peace and able to enjoy my little one!

      Kick-Ass Allergy Seasonal Rescue
      Stephanie Leor (Goodyear, AZ, US)
      Natural Allergy Remedy

      I had constant sneezing from a weekend trip and after taking a few spoonfuls, after 2 days, I felt better. I can't say the taste is amazing but it works and that's what I care about.