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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Kelly K (Kansas City, MO, US)
      Love having this

      I didn’t have a good remedy for ear aches, luckily my kids don’t get them often, but I’m thankful I have this duo to help them when they do complain of ear pain!

      Customer (Birchwood, WI, US)

      I am an adult and have had a persistent ear infection for three months. I’ve been on multiple antibiotics and nothing has helped. I only just used this product so don’t know long term effect but it was pretty much instant relief. I’ve been uncomfortable for days and am so grateful to even have a few moments of calmness. I highly recommend this product.

      Grace K (Madison, WI, US)
      Worked Great

      I thought I had an ear infection for the first time in decades. Not being able to find anything natural for adults, I thought I’d try this and it worked like a charm.

      Anonymous (Salem, OR, US)
      works like MAGIC!

      I am so glad that I had this on hand! I had noticed that my toddler had been pulling on his ear and crying saying that his ear was hurting him so I quickly dropped some oil in his ear and I am pretty sure it was all gone by morning. I put drops in his ear for 2 more days, for preventative measures, but I am pretty sure it was cured after the first drops. MAGIC. What a joy it is to have something handy, especially when it could take DAYS to get a doctors appointment and then have them be on antibiotics for days. No thank you! All-natural all the way!

      Harmony (Augusta, GA, US)
      WishGarden Always Comes Through!

      I told my Niecester my Niece and Sis in one, about this product and I know she won't be disappointed. It works for babys and kids unlike a doctor's recommendation that no drops should be put in a infants ear under 2years of age. Well it's natural and it works! I rack up every month on my products. My list keeps growing!!! In the end days you won't have prescriptions. So start learning natural remedies now, stock up with WishGarden!

      Brenda Bennett (Lewiston, ID, US)
      Medicine cabinet must have

      I have a child that was constantly have to go to the ear doctor because of swimmers ear. Not anymore this takes car of it...