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      WishGarden Herbs do not filter, curate, or moderate customer reviews in any manner. These reviews are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for medical advice. Reviews are written by actual customers and represent their own experiences and observations. These observations are not guaranteed and may not be typical for other customers. Your results may be different.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Beth Schleupner (Rosedale, MD, US)
      Works But Beware of Taste

      The exercise recovery does work well to heal my muscle pain faster. The only reason I give it 4 stars is I can't get past the taste. Most Wish Garden products don't have the best taste, but most have an aftertaste of an herb, like the Kick Ass Sinus tastes like garlic. However, the exercise and recovery reminds me of drinking cologne, and I just can't stomach it. Though it works, I don't think I will be buying another bottle. I still love my other Wish Garden products, I just can't do this one.

      Lorissa ArgoRay (Denver, CO, US)
      Great blend

      As always Wish Garden Herbs makes the best blends. Love this blend for post workout boost & recovery. Taste is also lovely.

      W. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
      Works Great

      I notice a big difference in soreness and recovery time when I use it. Highly recommend!

      ATL623 (Brooklyn, NY, US)
      Tried it on a lark

      I added this to my order to get order the free shipping minimum. I was pleased to find that it helped with post-workout soreness, and with some soreness I felt after sleeping in a bad position. Planning to get more and judge it over a longer period!

      Ashley B (Hurst, TX, US)
      It really works for soreness!

      I saw this on sale so I decided to give it a try and used it on a sore after leg day workout and it brought comfort to the discomfort from soreness I had very quickly. It eased the soreness so much I didn’t even mind it.

      Emma (Littleton, CO, US)
      Marathon training game changer!

      I have been so impressed with the product. I use it post workout and on recovery days paired wit the Serious Relaxer and Muscle Tension. It assists in my recovery and has been a game changer for my marathon training. Love this product

      Illinois1 (Darien, IL, US)
      Easy to use

      Exercise & Revive Recovery Aid is an easy to use pre and post workout supplement. You take 8 pumps with water pre workout and then 8 pumps every 1-3 hours (or as needed) with water post workout. If you feel the next day like you would like a little more recovery help, take 8 pumps 3-4 times.

      Nikki D (Gilbert, AZ, US)
      Wishgarden Herbs Never Disappoint

      Thank you Wishgarden Herbs for selecting me as a winner of this item!

      This is the third product by Wishgarden Herbs that I have tried and loved. I was introduced to this brand via Social Nature and at that time, selected "Sleepy Nights + Fresh Mornings" and more recently, "Hot Flash Blend". Both have worked stupendously on my symptoms and have been literal lifesavers. I was excited to try this formula out as I have been working it to the extreme with getting ready to perform in bellydance. It' 's been pretty arduous to say the least and I am glad to have this in my arsenal as I find that I am not worn out as I normally would be. ⭐️

      Nicole Medek (Milwaukee, WI, US)
      Just getting started

      I've just started implementing this into my drinks before and after work out and it seems to be helping with energy. I think with a bit more time I'll have a better idea.