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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Abigail (Riverside, CA, US)
      Airplane success

      I got this product for my baby and myself as we embarked on his first plane ride. I just gave a very small amount to him, and it seemed to help him relax. My son slept that whole plane ride, minus when we woke slightly to nurse. I also feel like it helped me stay calm trapped in that seat with him draped all over my body. So glad I purchased it instead of following the advice to give Benadryl!

      Kristin O. (Kirkland, WA, US)
      calms school jitters

      I give quiet time to my kids in the morning before school, and it seems to help with the morning routine and the transition to school!

      C.G. (St. George, UT, US)
      Definitely helps

      My 2 year old son has so much energy it’s just impossible to keep up with him and this helps bring his energy down I’d say about 30% out of 100% so hey even if it was a 5% I’ll take it! It definitely helps me catch up a bit

      tisonlyme143 (New Bedford, MA, US)

      I gave this to my daughter for her daughters and she loves it. She often uses this product on her children after bath . She said I think the bath using this really helps them to keep calmer, so she can read a story before bed time.

      Kay Palmer (Stone Mountain, GA, US)
      It works

      This product really seems to calm down my kid.

      Michele G (St. George, UT, US)
      SUCH a blessing!

      This tincture has been the answer to years of struggle with our little boy. I am so grateful! We went from hours to fall asleep and nightly wakeups screaming to falling asleep quickly and staying asleep all night. This change happened from the first time he tried this tincture and still now taking it for several weeks. 🙏🏼

      R.B. (Casey Corner, CA, US)
      2-year-old likes it!

      Anything we brand as a "baby" version, she suddenly gets into. Thus, we call this tincture "baby juice" and I subtly offer it when I think things are about to get hyphy with her. Preemptive strike! I also enjoy whatever portion she doesn't finish, so it's a win-win.

      Christy (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
      Game changer

      We’ve been using this and Genius Juice Jr. for our son for a couple month now. It has definitely taken the tantrums down to a reasonable level and has helped him stay calm enough to use words to express his needs and emotions rather than throwing a fit about every little thing.

      Adrea Craft (Macomb, IL, US)
      Absolutely essential!

      My son has been taking this formula since he was 2 and had trouble regulating himself before bed and when stressed. It became part of our night - time routine, and he would often remind me when I would forget. "Mommy, I need my night-night herbs". He is now 10, and has been dosing himself for the past couple years, and requests that we take it along on road trips and vacations. I will continue to buy this fantastic product for as long as he request it.

      Kerstie Boone (Plains, MT, US)
      Love this!!

      I have a daughter who takes this in the morning before school and at night as needed. It has made such a difference for her and our household! I would totally recommend!