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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      M.M. (Minneapolis, MN, US)

      I start using this the week before my period & throughout my period as well. I am less moody & rarely have any cramps. This tiny ire is a lifesaver.

      Rebecca Smith (Boston, MA, US)

      I thought this was helpful the week before my period and the week of. I look forward to continuing to use this!

      Sierra Keehn (Soldier, KS, US)

      I haven't been able to fully give this tincture a try, but I've taken it for a week and I've LOVED how well it's worked!

      Carly Bullinger (Medford, OK, US)
      PMS emotions have NOTHING on this tincture!

      I have always been moody during luteal phase of my cycle. The frustrating part is I am aware I am acting cranky but can’t help but continue. I tried PMS Emotional Mood support and was shocked at how well it helped “even out” those big emotions. I love it!

      Harmony (Atlanta, GA, US)
      WishGarden Comes to the rescue again!

      Absolutely great, it was noticeable that my entire attitude changed for the better.

      Boymom77 (Portland, OR, US)
      5 stars so far

      I would like to use this a few more rounds/menstrual periods beforeI say anything for sure, but I feel like my symptoms were less intense after using this tincture. I took it as soon as I started feeling b**chy, as directed, and the symptoms didn’t last as long or as intense. Here’s hoping!

      N.S. (New York, NY, US)
      Miracle Product

      Holy wow....this product is a life changer. I feel the effects from taking this immediately, so far the two days I've used this, I've gone from feeling like I just wanted to burst out sobbing to blissful and like I'm floating on a cloud. This is really not an exaggeration, it is working that well for me. My husband said even the tenor of my voice changed within the five minutes I took it the first time. Soooo grateful to find this!

      Savanna (King of Prussia, PA, US)
      A Miracle

      This stuff is a staple for me now ever since I have come across it. It really does work and I can notice a difference right away! Nice to have this after years and years of PMS that I thought I had to just deal with

      Marie S (Portsmouth, RI, US)
      Worked really well on first use!

      I’ve just started using this product for the first time after struggling with PMS related mood issues for years. I have only used it for one cycle but I found that even using half the recommended dose was hugely beneficial!! I was actually quite shocked at how well it works and I am so incredibly happy to have found a natural alternative to very common but life-altering symptoms.

      V. (Daytona Beach, FL, US)
      Totally recommend

      Just ordered my second bottle. It's been so helpful with my hormone related mood swings and haziness.