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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Asia Davis (Miami, FL, US)
      this works

      i have used the flow stopper twice for lingering bleeding and it worked, I am truly grateful for this product as I continue to allow my body to heal holistically!

      Christen B. (Sacramento, CA, US)
      An effective product.

      Flow Stopper has helped control bleeding for me. As an older woman I so appreciate normalizing the days that I use it.. Thank you for providing such an effective product.

      L.H. (Atlanta, GA, US)
      Name Change from Wombstring

      I get it! The old name didn’t make much sense and the new name is better but please let a girl know!!!! I nearly had a melt down because I thought you stopped making wombstring. This tonic has literally saved my sanity. Nothing helped with my heavy irregular menstrual BUT THIS. I’m still in recovery from my anemia from years of suffering but thankful you still make this tonic. It even helps with hot flashes. I put it in my mouth and within minutes they go away. Just shy of a miracle!!!!!

      Chari A
      Don’t be without!

      I just had my fourth baby at home and thought I would try this along with all of the other postpartum herbs they have. This helped moderate bleeding and helped the uterus clamp down much quicker! I have been very impressed and surprised at how well this works!

      DoodleMama (Gardner, MA, US)
      Seems to have worked for me!

      Postpartum after my sixth baby. I always get some kind of "early period" or regular/irregular bleeding after the initial postpartum bleeding subsides. This time it came back about 2 months pp with bleeding on one week, off one week, and back on. Not fun and clearly something amiss.
      When it started back up around month 3, I took this about as directed. 1-3 droppers a day for about 4 days. By the end of the 4th day, the bleeding had completely tapered off. I also started to be better about a midday rest/nap and am doing my best to boost minerals with herbal teas. Feeling much more balanced overall!

      Bee (Portland, ME, US)
      Absolutely buy it!

      This is my 3rd baby and this stuff significantly reduced my bleeding the day I started taking it, a day after birth. Been consistent taking it and it is working WONDERS for me.

      Amy L. (Bremerton, WA, US)
      A Serious Life Saver!!

      My acupuncturist and I have been working on getting my severely heavy bleeds to stop. I would bleed for months at a time. We tried EVERYTHING we naturally and holistically could. This Womb tonic SAVED me!!! My bleed is under control and isn't as heavy as it was. Thank you soooo much!!!

      Nehemiah Avant (San Jose, CA, US)
      This product has helped me sooooo much!

      This product is so nice. It has worked out for me and I am so happy with the condition of my health after using this product! Women's health is a very sensitive subject, but I am really glad that this company has taken into consideration that a woman's reproductive health is worth taking the time to blend such beautiful and helpful herbs to comfort an ever changing feminine and delicate system of the woman as a whole. So thank you for having a product I can trust.

      Carlene (Seattle, WA, US)
      Love it!

      I bought the whole post-partem for my sister-in-law who just had a baby and she loves it!

      Ruth (Pasadena, CA, US)
      Really GREAT product!

      My midwife suggested this as a part of healing from giving birth.
      I use it monthly and it really helps calm my body down! I mix it with a tiny bit of water and drink it kind of like a shot!
      It's quite bitter, but if I drink it fast it's easier. Totally worth the money!

      WishGarden customer Amy struggled with excessive bleeding for more than two years, when her acupuncturist recommended WishGarden Herbs' Wombstringe, a blend of astringent herbs — Shepherd's Purse aerials, Bayberry rootbark, Witch Hazel bark, Cinnamon bark —  designed to promote the body’s natural ability to keep excess bleeding and spotting in check. “I've had really heavy bleeds for the past two and a half years,” Amy says. “Over that time I probably bled about 90% of my days.” She saw multiple doctors and they were all stumped by Amy's irregular menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding. “So, I ordered a bottle of Wombstringe,” Amy says. Read Amy's blog post to see what happened next in her plight with excessive menstrual bleeding.