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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Carole G. (Waco, TX, US)
      This Actually WORKS against Cedar!

      I live in Waco TX, arguably the allergy capital of Texas if not the US. "Cedar Fever" as its called occurs end of December through end of February at a minimum. It causes all sorts of severe reactions, such as watery eyes, runny nose, itchy eyes...some people even get body aching chills and fever. Almost nothing works to minimize the symptoms.

      This product does!

      In my case it almost eliminates them completely. There are lots of similar products here on the grocery and health food store shelves but they don't work.

      I had to order this online this season as HEB Market and Drug Emporium no longer seem to carry it. Happy I was able to order direct at least. The wait was worth it as now I am rid of those debilitating symptoms.

      michelle archer (West Palm Beach, FL, US)
      Best defense for daily assault of pollen , dust & dander

      Great product for handling allergy offenders regardless of where u may be at the moment.

      Debra Davis (Miami, FL, US)
      Best help!

      Always good to have on hand if you live in or near the Texas Hill Country.

      Aunti G (Fort Worth, TX, US)
      Greatest allergy relief ever!!

      About seven years ago I stumbled on Kick Ass Allergy at Sprouts Market. First thought, with a name like that it's got to be good! Sure enough, after many years of using over-the-counter antihistamines (which have only made sinus issues worse) this product was like a miracle in a bottle! I do live in Texas and in early spring when the mountain cedar pollen seems to be greatest, I felt I needed a little greater push. Another miracle! I discovered the Kick Ass Cedar-Free Texas!! Wow! It works wonders. So, I use the Kick Ass Allergy for year around discomfort, and when mountain cedar rears its ugly head I rely on the Cedar-Free Texas!! The headaches diminish, the nasal drip is almost nonexistent, the pressure behind my eyes goes away, and the pocketbook is still smiling!! The products are very well worth the price, which eventually is much less than would be spent for over the counter trash that does not work, & has horrible side effects. The only side effect with these products is that I assure you you will feel better after taking them! Welcome to the world of relief. Thanks millions, WishGarden Herbs, from a very satisfied customer!

      BEVERLY RAMOS (Giddings, TX, US)


      Blake S (Austin, TX, US)
      Heaven sent for seasonal (yea, right…try year-round) Texas allergies

      I, fortunately, don’t have severe or even obvious allergies (thanks to no dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol, processed food, etc) unlike the majority of people I know in Austin, but if I even have a hint of it I start hitting this sauce and it’s wiped out within hours. It’s just a magical formula, really, and works instantly and consistently.

      Ashley B (North Richland Hills, TX, US)
      Cedar Free saves me every year

      I’m a huge fan of kick ass allergy but during TX cedar season I need some extra support and this stuff is a life saver for my allergies. I’ve turned my family and friends onto it too. A must buy during peak season for relief.

      Ally Ebbs (Bertram, TX, US)
      We love it

      We have been using this for a few years ( 4th yr this yr). My cedar allergies during late Dec through Feb were terrible. I couldnt sleep and sneezed so much my sinuses were inflamed. The only relief was to get out of Texas which isn't always an option when cedar season is so long. I started using Cedar-Free Texas in late September or early October and go through January. By the time cedar season starts in late Dec or early Jan (depends on the weather) my cedar allergies are mild...seriously guys. It works. I dont know how...but for me it is my annual ritual. I got others to use it too...we love it.

      Clayton Cryer (Albuquerque, NM, US)

      You might call it cedar in Texas, but we in New Mexico fight early spring allergies from our many Juniper trees. Cedar free works, however I find if I put under the tongue my taste buds suffer for a few days. Better to drink down in a glass of water.