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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews
      Marissa V (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
      Recommended by esthetician

      This was recommended to me for some jawline acne that I was having difficulty remedying. I added the tincture as part of some new daily routines to help care for this issue and I certainly have seen improvement! Not sure if this is directly connected, but I am going to reorder for sure :)

      D.G. (Rochester, MN, US)

      Our 16 year old has less ache since beginning this formula one month ago. She does make a cute noise after slugging it, but says it doesn’t taste bad. I was hoping to avoid prescription medication to treat her acne, and so far we have. Thank you Wishgarden for the effective formula!

      stillripples (Falls Church, VA, US)
      A must have

      I never had skin issues as a teenager, but adult acne has suddenly flared up! This has been a life saver. I no longer get stressed when those zits begin to appear because I know I have the blemish buster handy. Ordered my 2nd bottle, and will order more! Also despite the (now) occasional zits younger people have commented on how good my skin looks overall. Thanks Wish Garden!

      C.H. (Suwanee, GA, US)
      It works!

      I have tried so many things for my acne but have no luck with making it go away. But Clear complexion worked! If my hormonal acne is really bad, I can take clear complexion several times a day, and it's gone almost entirely by a day or two. The negative thing though is that it's not fixing the root cause of the acne. As soon as I stop taking this, my acne comes back. But while I work to figure out the internal stuff with why the acne is appearing, this tonic, while overly expensive if I do have to take it several times a day, is so worth it

      Allie (Boston, MA, US)
      Good tool to add to regimen!

      Along with other changes like better sleep, not picking at skin and more thoughtful diet, this has been a helpful tool to stay the course for better skin.

      Meg Blom (Helena, MT, US)
      Clear complexion

      So thankful to have something that is really working!

      Melanie Calabrese (Mooresville, NC, US)
      Helping with Acne

      I’ve struggled with Cystic acne and I truly believe this product is helping. When I run out I notice my cystic acne flares up, so I will continue being a customer of this product

      Brianna Moore (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
      The best!

      This stuff here is a god send! Healing my acne from the inside out has been so cool and this product helps tremendously!!!!

      Ashley Smith (Live Oak, FL, US)
      8 days in

      Only 8 days in so far but it seems to be working. No side effects. Taste isn't great but that's ok. I have terrible cystic acne and it's been getting worse recently. Face wash and prescription treatments weren't working. So far I am happy with the progress but it's only been 8 days. I would love for these herbs to work. I am hoping that my face continues to clear up and heal. It looks today the best it has in several months so I feel like it is working.

      MC (Louisville, CO, US)
      Great product!

      Waited 2 months to write so I could take this daily to see how it works. I take this every day, it took several weeks until I noticed a difference, but combined with some other items I have been taking its finally working. I haven't had a lot of new breakouts and they go away pretty fast if I do.