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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Rachel (Apple Creek, OH, US)
      Almost immediate relief!!!

      My baby was writhing and crying from a tummy ache. I gave him this and almost immediately he calmed down. I tried so many things and this is the only thing that helps.

      Victoria Savage (Schenectady, NY, US)
      It Works!

      This helped our baby so much, thank you for helping to take her discomfort away!

      Taylor (Indianapolis, IN, US)

      I will say this really helps my baby. She gets a lot of air when nursing and it hurts her stomach but using these drops helps ease and calm her! I like how colic ease is uses herbs vs those other products have some questionable things!

      Madison Munn
      Good ol reliable

      When my daughter even mean it was first born she had colic and so I had to do an elimination diet to help her and the Midwife I was using at the time told me or gave this to me actually and so much it's very useful for getting the baby to calm down and relax and after she would have colic and was fussing for quite a long time she needed this to help her sleep better too and so when when my baby almost 5 months now and I'm just now finishing the bottle has a fussy belly this is my go-to and then she'll sleep and take a nice long nap too so that's great I'm about to order more and that's why I'm here on the page right now

      Shawn Trott (Windsor, ON, CA)
      This product works

      My wife and I tried everything and this product was the most affective for a colic baby. So greatfull we found wishgarden.

      Kristen Froggatte

      Colic Ease this is a must have for preparing for baby!! Every mama should have this along with After Ease, Rebalance, and Happy Ducts on their baby registry. I keep Colic Ease close by when my little one is fussy it provides relief quickly especially for those late nights.

      Noelle Burkholder
      Miracle worker

      This product has been a lifesaver for us! Once we started using it our fussy baby did a 360 and was so happy! He is able to pass gas easier, less spitting up, and is so much more content. My husband even tried it for his heart burn and it helped him! I’ll recommend this to anyone!

      Brittni Caulum (Petersburg, AK, US)
      Extremely Helpful!

      Our baby has had tummy trouble pretty much since the day he was born. He ended up having what was essentially colitis from an allergy to something I was eating (he was getting it through nursing). The colic ease was one of our go to items to try to soothe him, and along with treatment that he received his for colitis, the colic ease is what we use now whenever he has tummy upset (mainly from normal baby gas now/tummy troubles/). We are so thankful for this product and can't recommend it highly enough! Also, the customer service team and the checkout, and shipping is fast and really top notch! Thank you!!

      Chelsea (Saint Paul, MN, US)
      Way better than gripe water

      Works great our our baby

      Shiloh Dudley

      This stuff is awesome. My son is two months old and this keeps his tummy from hurting him. Any time he can't burp, can't poop, or is generally fussy and cannot settle, these drops help. Our second youngest was VERY colicky and screamed almost constantly. I don't remember putting him down. This baby is perfectly happy to sit on his own when I need to put him down, but I'm extra glad to know I have something on hand to help when he is hurting.