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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Kelsey Edgell (Columbus, OH, US)

      Best product and company! Thank you so much!

      Galina Cox (Ephraim, UT, US)
      Good stuff

      I heard so many good things about this brand and their products! I really like the great list of ingredients that is natural and really helpful at the same time!

      Melissa C. (Denver, CO, US)
      Works wonders for my baby!

      My husband and I are so grateful for Colic Ease! When our baby is gassy and upset, a couple drops on his tongue help so much! I highly recommend this to other new moms. Truly a must have to keep in your medicine cabinet for baby!

      Olga Martosich (Sacramento, CA, US)
      Love at first use

      I have a 3 month old that is very colicky, always so gassy, that would scream for hours and not be able to go to bed. Other times the baby would fall asleep to wake up screaming half hour later. Started giving drops and within minutes baby was asleep and actually slept for longer than 30 min. I do wish it didn't contain alcohol, but I do give anywhere between 3-5 drops so I know it's really not that much alcohol, but still would prefer it to be alcohol free. I only use it as needed and as a last resort because of the alcohol.

      Rachel Zitek (Medford, OR, US)
      Very helpful!

      I love this! It makes my baby burp very quickly and settles his stomach. I give about 5 drops straight to my 4 week old during feeding rather than taking it myself (just bc it has mint which may not be good for milk supply in the early days).

      Rachel (Apple Creek, OH, US)
      Almost immediate relief!!!

      My baby was writhing and crying from a tummy ache. I gave him this and almost immediately he calmed down. I tried so many things and this is the only thing that helps.

      Victoria Savage (Schenectady, NY, US)
      It Works!

      This helped our baby so much, thank you for helping to take her discomfort away!

      Taylor (Indianapolis, IN, US)

      I will say this really helps my baby. She gets a lot of air when nursing and it hurts her stomach but using these drops helps ease and calm her! I like how colic ease is uses herbs vs those other products have some questionable things!

      Good ol reliable

      When my daughter even mean it was first born she had colic and so I had to do an elimination diet to help her and the Midwife I was using at the time told me or gave this to me actually and so much it's very useful for getting the baby to calm down and relax and after she would have colic and was fussing for quite a long time she needed this to help her sleep better too and so when when my baby almost 5 months now and I'm just now finishing the bottle has a fussy belly this is my go-to and then she'll sleep and take a nice long nap too so that's great I'm about to order more and that's why I'm here on the page right now

      Shawn Trott (Windsor, ON, CA)
      This product works

      My wife and I tried everything and this product was the most affective for a colic baby. So greatfull we found wishgarden.