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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      T Jones (Miami, FL, US)
      Best herbal formulas

      Even my dentist and doctors love the products.

      Crystal Hurndon (Las Cruces, NM, US)
      Remedy for Bleeding Gums

      The taste of this herbal is great. I experienced significant results within the first week of use. Also brightens my teeth. A good investment and I will continue to use it to improve my gum health.

      Drena G (Thornton, CO, US)
      Great Product Especially if Used Over a Period of Time

      I have issues with my gums and have incorporated this product into my daily oral hygiene routine. In the beginning it seemed to offer some relief, but after using it regularly for over six months I can say that I have fewer issues overall. I add some to my toothpaste prior to brushing 2-3x daily and I highly recommend it for those who have chronic or lingering issues. At some point I just accepted the odd aching/pain that comes with the territory. But since I've started using this daily I haven't experienced much noticeable pain at all. And for whatever it's worth, the taste is mild when used in this way.

      Lisa Griffin (Thompson Falls, MT, US)
      Very Effective!

      I was really glad to have found this product. I'm having some real issues with my teeth and this has brought some relief. I haven't used it long enough to say much more about it, but so far, so good!! Love all your products we've purchased so far!!

      Karen Adams (Vancouver, BC, CA)
      LOVE this Gum Strengthener! LOVE All their products.

      I have a receding gum on lower molar. Hot and sweet can get in and irritate it. It can't be fixed due to heavy chewing on that side. BUT, this product has saved the day! I'm sure it has saved the tooth, my pain levels and sanity! A couple sprays, swish it around and bam it tightens up the gums, it's unbelievable! I just ordered 2 more bottles, I never want to be out of this. I don't believe there is anything else like it on the market.

      Jessica (Houghton, MI, US)
      Great product!

      I love how light texture and flavor this product is. I’ve been using it for just over a week and feel like it’s been helping my irritated gums. Thank you!

      KEOLA AKANA (Honolulu, HI, US)

      My gums were inflamed, so I used it after brushing at night, then again in the morning before I brushed. It was really rejuvenating.

      LAURA EGGERS (Winchester, OR, US)
      It really helps with my dental issues!!

      I agree with Wendy Welsh of Denver, CO who posted her thoughts on July 21, 2021. This product has definitely strengthened my gums, helped me deal with a few problem teeth without expensive dental procedures I cannot afford at this point. I have always had dental issues since childhood -- teeth came in without enamel due to my mother's use of a drug to deal with morning sickness -- and I've spent GOBS on dental work for over 50 years. While not a cure-all, I use this product as a "mouth wash", which I make sure I specifically direct to problem areas. It helps prevent my teeth issues from worsening, strengthens the gums so they don't bleed when I brush, and adds a fresh, zingy taste! Highly recommend it!

      Kristen Froggatte

      Love love love Gum Strengthener health herbs 🌿 love that it comes in a spray so it’s easy to spray on my toothbrush I use this every night. I’ve been learning how important our oral health is especially taking care of those gums. Last year at my dental cleaning I got a talking to about taking care of my gums curious to see what they say at my cleaning next month after using gum health

      Wendy Welsh (Denver, CO, US)
      Gum Strengthener saves thousands

      This herbal mouth rinse has helped me avoid expensive, invasive dental procedures. It cleans but also soothes and relieves various mouth discomforts. I never travel without it.