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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Jennifer Braun (Arcadia, CA, US)
      amazed what a difference it is making

      I started taking the Hot Flash Tamer about 10 days ago after a friend recommended the website for Wishgarden Herbs. I would typically have 4-5 hot flashes a night. They would always wake me up. For the past week, I have slept straight through the night with zero hot flashes. I'm truly amazed! I still get one or two hot flashes during the day but that is a huge improvement from before I started taking the Hot Flash Tamer. I'll be ordering more!

      Sharon Washington (New Orleans, LA, US)
      Diminished My Hot Flashes

      Using this product has greatly diminished my hot flashes. They are no longer as intense as they were previously.

      DeAnna Squires (Sandpoint, ID, US)
      This stuff is magic!

      This completely takes my night sweats away! It took about two weeks before it started working but as long as I take it, my night sweats are gone. There was a couple days I forgot to take it and then they came back. I have recommended this to others and they have all thanked me.

      Angela Shafer (Laurelton, NJ, US)

      This significantly cut down the severity and duration of my night sweats! I'm ordering my second bottle right now.

      Carolyn dAlmeida (American Canyon, CA, US)

      Works fast to stop hot flashes

      Kristi Kingery (Athens, AL, US)

      My hot flashes come and go but when they are here they are horrible. I love that I can use this when I need it but don't have to take it when it's not needed. If you have hot flashes, buy this NOW!

      Shannon F (Bothell, WA, US)

      This product effectively reduced hotflashes from 8 per hour to 1-3 mild heat blooms per day when recommended dose was taken consistently- 3mls 3 x day. Began working in a few days.

      My Go To

      I have tried several hot flash remedies within the past year and WishGardens Hot Flash tincture has been the most effective. I have even come to enjoy the taste of it!! Dosing can be played with based on body weight/size. I am smaller-framed so I tend to take a lower dose and have found that a Morning dose on an empty stomach sets my day. I occasionally need an afternoon dose, but usually can go the whole day without another dose until bedtime. My suggestion is to give your body about a five day trial!!

      Paige Lampert (Reno, NV, US)
      Not effective for me

      I was hopeful based on a friend's recommendation, but after 2x a day for 2.5 weeks, no change in not flashes and very frequent urination.

      Robin Shivery (Denver, CO, US)
      Help for hot flashes

      This immediately made a difference. Decreased my hot flashes in just a day or two.

      Hot flashes, or night sweats, are a common occurrence for women going through menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats are hot flashes that lead to the loss of a woman's sleep and this can be triggered by different factors, such as hormonal changes. It is not only uncomfortable to deal with the hot flashes during the day time, but they also make it hard to sleep restfully at night. The nighttime symptoms of menopause are often worse than those experienced during the day and can lead to restless sleep. The hormone changes that happen in your body during menopause cause you to experience hot flashes when your body's core temperature drops quickly and cools off more slowly than usual. Night sweats can happen during the night or in the day time and they are often accompanied by irregular periods, mood swings, headache, weight gain, and other symptoms. Night sweats will typically happen when you're sleeping. Hot flashes may start in any stage of a woman's life; although most commonly around age 40. Hot flashes might stop on their own after a woman goes through menopause. Night sweats may be relieved by taking herbal tinctures before bedtime, like Hot Flash! Soothing Tonic.

      Hot Flash! Soothing Tonic is an herbal tincture made from all-natural herbs that helps with these discomforts while helping you sleep better at night. Many women use this product because it has natural ingredients which provide relief from many symptoms associated with menopause without any harsh side effects. Many WishGarden customers will pair our 5-star Hot Flash! with Wise Changes, which helps regulate hormones while entering the menopause phase.