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      WishGarden Herbs do not filter, curate, or moderate customer reviews in any manner. These reviews are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for medical advice. Reviews are written by actual customers and represent their own experiences and observations. These observations are not guaranteed and may not be typical for other customers. Your results may be different.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 51 reviews
      Therese (Blair, NE, US)
      Wish I’d had it sooner!

      I started taking this about 18 months PP with my third and I can’t believe I didn’t have this sooner! Helped so much with anxiety symptoms.

      Jessica (Lanham, MD, US)
      Very good.

      This tincture blend is very good! I could tell an immediate difference. The taste is earthy yet not overwhelmingly bitter. I use it under the tongue and chase with a drink of water after. Highly recommend for your postpartum arsenal!!!

      Joanna Peters (Anchorage, AK, US)
      Game changer!!

      This product helped me feel my best during Postpartum. As someone who had PPD in the past, this helped tremendously!

      Amber (Seattle, WA, US)
      No more rage

      Already a year postpartum and this has helped my anger/rage induced hormones so much!

      Customer (Clarksville, TN, US)

      I can really tell a difference on the days I use my tincture & days that I don’t.

      Megan (San Jose, CA, US)
      Postpartum must have

      I did not have this product after my first child was born, and I feel like it’s made such a difference after the birth of my second child! I feel like I am able to regulate my emotions fairly easily this time around and I haven’t experienced the postpartum anxiety I had last time so far. I’m 3 weeks postpartum now and will be ordering more to continue using over the next several weeks. I notice if I forget to take Rebalance in the morning that by the afternoon I am feeling emotional and weepy. So thankful for this product and will definitely recommend to all my pregnant friends!

      Ana (San Jose, CA, US)

      Rebalance helped me so much and is still helping me regulate after birthing my sweet baby boy. After birth my hormones really went wild and this literally saved me. I am so thankful for this product and continue to take rebalance daily.

      Lillian Bean (Butler, PA, US)
      Wish I got the bigger size-HELPS POSTPARTUM

      I have absolutely loved this formula. This is my fourth time postpartum and your hormones really go so out of whack and can feel uncontrollable. Every time I feel off I take this and it works!! I’ve never had a better recovery than when I take this tincture. Pleaseeeeeeee I beg of you- have this on hand if you are postpartum. My biggest regret is I bought the smaller size. I wish I ordered bigger because it’s THAT GOOD.

      Anonymous (Detroit, MI, US)
      Rebalance Afterbirth Hormonal

      I have been using this 2-3 times a day since giving birth to my baby 3 1/2 weeks ago. I feel like it has helped me be more calm and relaxed in these first intense weeks. Also even with a third degree tear my healing has gone so well and I think some of the credit goes to this product. I plan to use at least a month or two longer.

      Britney Zebian (Franklin, WI, US)
      Thank goodness for this product!

      This has saved me and my hormones since postpartum. I was having extreme anger and irritability that was very abnormal for me. Since using this product my emotions and hormones have been much more balanced. Its a life saver!

      Balancing Your Hormones Postpartum

      Postpartum hormone balance is the idea that a woman’s hormones should be normalized in order to prevent postpartum blues. A few herbs have been found to help in this process such as Vitex Agnus Castus, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Ashwagandha. Some herbs can help with balancing hormones after birth such as Vitex, Black Haw, Calendula, and Motherwort. These herbs are thought to normalize estrogen levels and regulate thyroid function which can help with mood swings as well. Hormones may not always be balanced immediately after childbirth but there are steps that can be taken for a better recovery during this time of adjustment like eating healthy food or taking herbal supplements, like ReBalance,to help cope with the stress of being a new mama.

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