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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews
      Tammy F.
      It doesn't seem to work for me.

      I was expecting good things from this based on the reviews, but It doesn't seem to work for me. :(

      KB (Aurora, CO, US)
      Smooth Energy Boost

      This formula is really nice with a smooth energy boost! I've taken it with and without food with adverse effect.

      Kay (Stockton, CA, US)
      Morning Lift

      Helps to ease into the day with energy. Less dependence on coffee too.

      Sue Cooper (Chesterfield, MO, US)
      The Best waker-upper

      Found Rise and Energize...my mornings are not my favorite time...this has helped me awaken and become "me" during the morning. I have ordered R&E many times.

      Kachael Stocks (New York, NY, US)
      Glad I gave it a try!

      I wasn't looking for an energy formula when I was making my order. However I am glad I added it to the cart "just to try it". I don't really drink things with caffeine because they make my stomach upset. This has been a perfect addition to my morning herbal teas and helps me shake any lingering sleep off so I can start my day.

      Starz (Colby, KS, US)
      Not jittery

      Im glad this doesnt make me feel jittery when I use it. Waking up is hard but this helps!

      Kathy (Fort Wayne, IN, US)
      Like everything from Wishgarden, it does what it says it will do!

      I use a couple of squirts of Rise and Energize in the morning with my coffee, and know it will help me roll into my day with gusto! I keep an array of Wishgarden products on hand, and find they offer similar but unique benefits. I sometimes combine more than one, or I stagger them throughout my day if I'm feeling the need for an extra somethin-somethin. These products are consistently fantastic!!

      Mickeymel (Nashville, TN, US)
      A boost for my whole day

      I use half the dosage in my morning water and it keeps me going the whole day. I don't have any side effects and can sleep at night. It gives me an even keel of energy for the day.

      Sajohn Daverly (Crestone, CO, US)
      It's Certainly a 'Team Player'

      As with nearly every other supplement which I use, I have used this product in conjunction with others--'energy-boosters' such as vitamin B12--and would have to say that it indeed contributes to the sense of overall well-being that helps us to 'be on our A-game' on an ongoing basis.

      G.E. (Lakewood, CO, US)
      Morning Go To

      I have been taking these herbs for decades in supplement capsule form- how fantastic to have them all together in a tincture! Really does give a pep in my step and clears that morning fog!