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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 67 reviews
      Cameron (San Rafael, CA, US)
      It works!

      My muscles feel relaxed after I take this

      Deanelle Winner (Avon, NC, US)
      I am in the trial stage, but I must say there is great promise.

      Like so many people I have tried most conventional ways of trying to calm down flare ups of chronic pain. Chronic pain has many names. Since it is never alleviated I test by using a product or service for period of time. Then I stop and see if worse pain returns.

      richard johnson (Corpus Christi, TX, US)
      1st review

      i9bought this to relieve tension in throat, neck and shoulder muscles. hoping for better food swallow. all this from radiation. i noticed improvement the 1st day. intend to increase dose a bit. hope for more. i hold it under my tongue for at least 1 minute. It is i guess very bitter to the point of a burn sensation, but i actually prefer that to the sweet stuff.

      Ann S Coster (Merrimac, WI, US)
      Surprisingly effective

      So, this stuff is no joke! It really helps my neck and shoulders relax. But it also makes me really tired. So, the full dosage (8 pumps), if taken during the day, may make you super sleepy. I think 4 pumps or less would suffice, but that's me.

      Michael Stuchiner (Tucson, AZ, US)
      A great and very effective product

      As a Master Herbalist, I think this product is well-formulated and highly effective. I love that this company uses many underrated herbs in their formulations to show how amazing they are. For example, in this formula, they use wood betony which is simply fantastic carminative, mild antispasmodic, and great for nerve pain. It merely shows how their formulators know their herbs and, most importantly, how to formulate them. I also think that Wish Garden Herbs makes a lot of other effective and well-formulated products for a wide range of issues especially emotional and nervous system support, using amazing herbs like milky wild oat tops, passion flower, skullcap, gotu kola, and black cohosh (a most underrated nerve tonic). Bravo to you, Wish Garden Herbs.

      C.H. (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
      Magic In A Bottle

      Not only do I have fibromyalgia--but some recent muscle/neuro problems (still undiagnosed) that "sieze" my diaphragm and breathing and occasionaly cause scary trips to the ER. I took (and still take) a costly prescription liquid(Bentyl) to calm the spasms that takes about 6 minutes to kick in. When breathing is impaired as we all know--minutes count just for the anxiety levels. I discovered that Serious Relaxer also takes just a few minutes to kick in. It often is all I need to head off a medical trip. And sometimes I use the prescription and Serious Relaxer together. I am not suggesting anyone doesn't get emergency medical treatment (as I have) for diaphramic dysfunction or any type of breathing problems. What I am saying is Serious Relaxer is a bit of magic in a bottle. When one can find a natural remedy that works as well or better sometimes as a prescription--and also doesn't cause (me personally) any bad reactions when taken with conventional medicine--we have a winner! I carry the small bottle wherever I go--and keep several bigger bottles in the house.

      D.W. (Twin Falls, ID, US)

      Serious Relaxer (paired with Deep Recovery) has been essential in my journey healing from an auto accident. This pair kept my use of any OTC & rx options minimal.
      Serious Relaxer has helped my post-auto accident muscle tension & spasms in a variety of settings but the most memorable was on an airplane. I was hurting badly and had very little space to move or stretch. Serious Relaxer quickly chilled out my body and mind enough to actually, dare I say, enjoy the remainder of my airport travel.

      Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY, US)
      Immediately helps!

      I get terrible shoulder and neck pain, this stuff helps instantly!

      Kay Palmer (Stone Mountain, GA, US)
      Great stuff

      Really relaxes my muscles and helps with stress

      Lydia (Johnson City, TN, US)
      Great product!

      I have bought this multiple times. I love to use it with Deep stress. They are ally help with making a day less stressful. Love this product and I will continue to use.