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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Kristine Eckley (Denver, CO, US)
      All things good!

      These are legitimate magic potions. All helping to heal body, mind, soul; from the inside out!

      LS (Pawtucket, RI, US)
      Less Stress Heroes

      A great sample introduction to stress relieving herbal supplements. I'm still experimenting with each one and so far I especially like the "emotional ally" I take two sprays under my tongue and it is like it says....an emotional hug, very comforting and calming. So glad this was recommended to me and that I followed up on it.

      Shwillary (Henrico, VA, US)
      Less Stress Indeed

      I bought this because I wanted to try the Emotion Ally and was enticed by the rest of the kit contents. I really like the sorta-sample size because, while they don't go far, if they make a significant difference you can usually tell with a couple applications.
      I ended up buying all of the contents individually in the sizes that work for me. Even the deep stress, containing Ashwaghanda, I gave it a whirl though I've had negative experiences with that supplement in the past (unwanted lucid dreaming), but not with this. Maybe because it's a blend, but I am able to use it.
      I was genuinely surprised at the Serious Relaxer (and I'm already generally-speaking a Wishgarden believer) - it helps after my PT sessions and I am planning on taking it for my nighttime bruxism longer-term to see if it will help.

      As usual with these herbs, it's hard to know dosage and drug interactions until you're actually taking them. I wish there was more information on the site about these breakdowns (best times of day to administer, best things to take it with for max efficacy, should we take with or without food - I understand these come off as warnings often, but simply put there are more effective settings for absorption that can vary product to product, and as consumers we want to be as knowledgeable as possible, even if the information comes with caveats). Fortunately, I haven't had negative experiences conducting these experiments and for that I am grateful to feel safe with the brand and most of the products.
      This kit is worth trying even if only one piques your interest - you'll probably get something out of it.

      Sharon Newman (Denver, CO, US)
      A great variety to explore

      If you are trying to figure out the “right” stress formula for you, this is a great pack to explore.

      Carolyn Paul (Gunnison, CO, US)
      Excellent product

      I was going thru a very difficult time.
      Less stress heroes provided just what was in need of. I highly recommend it.
      Thank you!

      Sarah Schultz (Sutter Creek, CA, US)

      Love it!

      J Anderson (Des Moines, IA, US)
      Great Sample Pack

      Helpful herbal combos for stressful times.

      Kimberly Barnes-Ayers (Birmingham, AL, US)
      Stress Less Pack

      Working in the healthcare field, I’ve had to work throughout the pandemic. Wishgarden Herbs have been a lifesaver. Stress~less heroes pack provides me the energy and strength I need to move through every day.
      I’m grateful and definitely recommend this product.

      Dawn Garcia

      Because they work!