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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 31 reviews
      Madison Lovelien-Jorgenson (Milltown, WI, US)
      Incredible Anxiety Support!

      I've gone through personal trauma several years prior to pregnancy, which has taken a pretty big hit on my mental and physical health. Over the years I've done quite a bit of work to get back to my "old self" but never felt quite there. While being pregnant and talking with my midwives, they recommended this product which finally got me over the tipping point and feeling the most peace mentally I'd experienced in YEARS. Don't want to hype this up too much as there are many factors to work on depending on your situation, but this was the ticket for me. I never thought I'd experience this level of mental peace again, ESPECIALLY while over halfway in my first pregnancy! I've ordered (even put on my baby registry) and used over 3 bottles and have more in my closet for PP! Absolute GAME CHANGER for me!! I hope this works just as well for you ❤️

      Sarah H. (Charleston, SC, US)
      Take a deep breath!

      This tincture actually works! It helps to relax my mind and allows me to breathe deeply and calmly.

      Marie B. (Rockville, MD, US)
      Stress Release Tension Tamer Drops

      Love these tension tamer drops, because they are so helpful with stress.

      Brittany Caldwell (Pembroke, GA, US)

      Having 2 young little boys and being pregnant will bring on the stress and this stuff helps take the edge off

      BRIANNA RIVERS (Rockaway Beach, OR, US)
      So helpful

      This is so helpful postpartum. I can definitely tell a difference the days I don't take this!

      Bobbi (Newman, CA, US)
      Great customer service

      The customer service I received was amazing. I received the wrong product and was over nighted the correct one so I would get it in time for my scheduled c section.

      Elaine (Auburn, NY, US)
      Seems to work

      It's hard to tell if it works or if it's a placebo but I do notice a benefit. I'm not a huge fan of the taste when taken straight but it goes down quickly

      DANA BURTON (Key Largo, FL, US)
      Calms me the hell down

      I have a high stress job and it does take the edge off!

      E.D. (Round Rock, TX, US)
      Worked well

      This product helped a lot. I bought several of there remedies during my pregnancy!

      Cam (Atwater, OH, US)
      Pregnant and Moving

      I'm 40+ weeks and we are trying to sell our house. I've been under a good amount of stress and was having trouble resting and relaxing. 3 droppers of this makes such a difference. I put it right under my tongue or in the tiniest amount of water for more immediate relief. I wish I had gotten some sooner!