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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Ashley S (Addison, TX, US)
      Kids love it and it actually works!

      This makes such a big difference with my 2 & 4 year olds and they actually enjoy taking it. Love!

      Jenn Dawson (Johnstown, CO, US)
      Works great

      On those nights when the kids have a hard time falling asleep, this comes to the rescue. Have loved it for years.

      Laryssa Botz (Summerville, SC, US)
      Natural Sleep Miracle

      We love this stuff! Have used it for all 3 of my kids. I received a sample from my midwife in Colorado with my first who struggled to sleep through the night. It made an immediate difference! Then we used it for my second, I shared it with friends who also loved it. Now, my third who is 14 months old - had a rough start with lots of hospitalizations for respiratory issues then couldn’t sleep due to tummy pain. Once we figured that out and added in Sleepy Nights, he has been sleeping wonderfully! Thank you for miracle sleep in a bottle that is natural!

      C.G. (St. George, UT, US)
      Works well

      Honestly I was hoping my toddler would do better with this, he has so much energy is out of this world, so I was hoping this would help him get at least 5 hrs in a row of sleep, but it varies, most of the nights I’m lucky if I get 4 hrs straight of sleep, hoping his body digests it better or something so it starts working better for us because I really need to get some decent sleep 😅 super exhausted momma, but very hopeful still.

      Adrian Noakes (Gig Harbor, WA, US)

      This stuff works well for our little one. We've been using it since he was 1 and a year later it's still our go-to when we need to drop the energy and prepare for bed

      Moriah Barnell (Topeka, KS, US)
      Life saver

      This saved us with our toddler, she was fighting sleep so bad. We tried this and it works great, she still takes a while to go down but this helps her to stay asleep! Love this product!

      m.t. (Port Saint Lucie, FL, US)
      Helping mama and baby get some rest

      I breastsleep with my 17 month old. But have been so exhausted from the constant nursing. I decided to give this a try and my girl started doing 5+ hour stretches. She likes the taste and giving it to her is no problem. She still pretty hyper before bed but I never minded that.

      Kirstin (Denver, CO, US)
      Great product for travel

      We used this on a recent international trip and it really helped our toddler adjust to the time difference. Definitely recommend.

      cecilia gonzalez (Miami, FL, US)
      Can’t live without it product!!

      This is an amazing potion for our kids! We give them little orange juice “shots” before we start the going to bed routine and by the time story time is done they are snoozing! Amazing!

      Dana Jones (Charlotte, NC, US)
      Seems to work

      My kids are so wired all day long. I feel like anything helps. And I feel wrong using melatonin